Paris bars

Paris is one of the world’s premiere cocktail destinations with bars from seemingly every arrondissement worth taking a seat at.

Over the last two decades, Paris grew to become one of the world’s top cocktail destinations. With bars from the Marais to the Latin Quarter picking awards by the boat load, the City of Light is now known for its drinks prowess across the globe. It’s world-renowned gastronomy clearly played a role in its initial rise to the top of the mixology world, but today the industry stands on its own. At its heart, the French capital’s farm-to-glass movement and support of local producers as well as domestic spirits brands makes it a unique stop for any drinks lover.

Check out the bars below as you make your way across the city:

Bars A-Z:
Bar 1802
Bar Sotto
Experimental Cocktail Club
Les Ambassadeurs
Little Red Door

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