Madrid Bars

In Madrid, cocktail bars now share equal footing with what is one of the world’s top culinary destinations.

It hasn’t taken long for Madrid’s cocktail scene to flourish. Less than a decade ago, the Spanish capital’s bars were best known for their longevity, with some of the most famous once serving Hemingway and still open since the Spanish Civil War almost a century ago. And while you can still search out those locales, a new mixology-focused world bloomed alongside the city’s burgeoning culinary world. Today’s its top destinations rival those of longtime global cocktail capitals like Catalan’s Barcelona. Neighborhoods like Barrio de las Letras feature some of the planet’s top drinks cocktails bars, while hotels new and old are quickly become must-stops for drinks aficionados.

Check out the bars below as you make your way across the city:

Bars A-Z:
1862 Dry Bar
Glass by Sips
Salmon Guru

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