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Miro Rojo

Miro Rojo

Miro Rojo is the authentic Vermut de Reus. Based on the original family recipe, it has a deep ruby red colour in the glass, with dark orange-brown hues. It is rich on the nose with aromas of absinthe, rosemary, and basil. On the palate it’s creamy with deep balsamic notes and that sweet-bitter combination you look for from a quality Vermouth. The finish is long and satisfying.

Founder Emilio Miro Salvat earned great admiration for his Miro Rojo after founding his Reus-based maison in 1914. It’s easy to drink and ideal for the Catalan’s famed “hora del vermut”, where the drink is enjoyed on the rocks with olives and potato chips. It’s also an ideal additive for a Manhattan, whether you like yours with Rye or Bourbon.

Reus (near Tarragona in Catalonia) is the historic epicenter for vermouth production in Spain. There, Miro has been considered a benchmark for over a century due to its wormwood-forward style. Today, all production is overseen by the family patriarch Pere Miro.

Back in 1900, Reus was equal to Paris and London when it came to wine trade. Producers from Penedes, Priorat, and Terra Alta would bring their wines and brandies to Reus to sell and Reus grew to rival Torino and Chambéry as the center of vermouth production. At that time, there were about 30 vermut producers in Reus, but that Spanish Civil War brought that to its end. Miro is one of the few survivors of this age and today is the most prominent remaining producer of Vermut de Reus. To this day, Miro Rojo can be found in nearly every cafe and vermuteria throughout Catalunya.

Today, Miro makes six different Vermouths: Rojo, Blanco, Reserva, Rojo Fusion, Extra Dry, and Miro & Art, a limited edition of Vermut Reserva Etiqueta Negra in an artist-commissioned, illustrated gift box.