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Acha Vermouth Rojo

Acha Vermouth Rojo

Acha Vermouth Rojo is pure tradition. It is a classic Basque Vermouth that syncs beautifully with the larger vermouth tradition in Spain. Made with an airén wine base, a white wine grape common throughout Spain, the liquid is mixed with different macrations of herbs such as wormwood, along with a variety of unique touches from the distillery. Subsequently it is mixed with sugar and finally it is filtered. Rested a few days and bottled. Acha has been making their Vermouth for over 100 years, so they’ve obviously got a handle on what they’re doing.

On the palate, Acha Vermouth Rojo is smooth and fine. There are aromas of wormwood and aged wine that blend seamlessly with orange and cinnamon. For us, we love this Vermouth the classic way: served with ice and olives as an aperitif. But it’s also excellent in a cocktail and will add extra depth to any Manhattan.

Destilerias Acha is one of Basque Country’s oldest continuously operating businesses. The small distillery is located in Amurrio, 50km from the Cantabrian Sea. Originally founded in 1831, the company has been in the more than capable hands of the Acha family since 1886. Today, Gabriel Acha leads the company. 

When Gabriel took the reins of the distillery, Acha was on the verge of bankruptcy, but then he turned the operation into a thriving business in just a few years. The company makes both Pacharan (or Patxaran)–including the delicious Atxa Sierra De Orduna–and Vermouth, and the majority of its products are consumed in the Basque region. However, it’s available at a couple of shops, and online, in the U.S.Those who find themselves in Basque Country, be it Bilbao, San Sebastian, or somewhere else, will find its customs in restaurants throughout the area for a weekend meal to begin with a ceremonial Vermouth service. Decanters of Vermouth are presented on a tray with ice, sparkling water, olives, wedges of cut citrus, and two small bitters bottles: one full of Campari and the other filled with London Dry Gin. Each guest dictates their preferred garnish and ingredients, which the waiter then serves tableside.