Summer Sweetener: Aldi Unveils Strawberry & Watermelon Crush Vodka Liqueur

Aldi Unveils Strawberry & Watermelon Crush Vodka Liqueur cocktail

Supermarket chain Aldi, who operate over 10,000 stores throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and China, have unveiled a new flavored liqueur, Strawberry & Watermelon Crush Vodka. The company already sells a range of other flavored adult beverages, including a summer trifle flavoured gin based liqueur and two watermelon flavoured drinks.

The addition of the Strawberry & Watermelon Crush Vodka is sure to be an excellent addition to everyone’s summer liquor cabinet. Whether you’re looking to make your lemonade a bit more playful or put a seasonal twist on one of your favorite cocktails, Aldi’s newest liquor seems like it might be the right answer.

Aldi offers up a couple recipe suggestion for the use of their new spirit:

Want to add a little class to your weekend brunch, “Add to a glass of bubbles”. Alternatively make the spirit the main focus in an elaborate cocktail. Serve “generously poured over ice or topped with soda water and garnish with frozen watermelon slices”.

Aldi Strawberry & Watermelon Crush Vodka Liqueur

We’d say that the ultimate summer choice, however, is to use it to spike a watermelon (that’s the kind of seasonal melon on melon on berry action we can all admit we’ve been missing in our lives). Simply cut a hole in a watermelon, put a funnel into the hole, and, slowly but surely, pour a full bottle of the Crush into the watermelon. Let the watermelon sit for up to 24 hours. When you’re ready to serve it, plug the hole, cut the watermelon into slices, and enjoy eating your boozy summer treat.

To note, Strawberry & Watermelon Crush Vodka is only 25 percent ABV, which is great because it’ll keep your pals from getting as messy as they do after pouding a normal 40 percent ABV bottle of Vodka.

The Limited Edition Infusionist Strawberry & Watermelon Crush Vodka Liqueur is available to buy from the Aldi website and in stores.