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Himkok Brings Satan’s Whiskers To Oslo

Himkok Satan's Whiskers

Award-winning Oslo bar Himkok invites acclaimed London hotspot Satan’s Whiskers to be the first takeover of 2024.

On February 7th, award-winning Oslo bar Himkok will host its first bar takeover of the year, inviting Satan’s Whiskers from London to share cocktails in the Norwegian capital. Just last year, the Beloved East London neighbourhood bar ranked #28 on The World’s 50 Best Bars 2023 list, making this an exciting time to be seeking cocktails up near the arctic circle.

The Bacardi-sponsored evening will spotlight the two internationally renowned bars and their unique approach to hospitality and cocktail creation, marrying Satan’s Whiskers’ classic approach with Himkok’s innovative craftsmanship.

The team will present an exclusive menu comprising three classic cocktails made using Bacardi’s portfolio of brands.

Satan’s Whiskers owner, Kevin Armstrong, and the bar’s newly appointed Bar Manager, Oliver Sagerström, will host a masterclass ‘A Decade Of Detail’. The talk will see the bartending duo explain how the bar established itself since it launched ten years ago and the decisions made to get to the global recognition that it holds today.

Himkok’s menu, which launched in September last year, will also be available. The ‘Fashion Meets Mixology’ menu was developed in collaboration with Norwegian fashion designer, Eline Dragesund to showcase the similarities of the innovation, expression, and individuality behind fashion and mixology. 

The cocktail menu for the February 7th event includes:

Cherry Americano
Bombay Sapphire, Martin Rosso, Double Cherry, Campari, Cherry Soda

East 8 Hold Up
Grey Goose, Pineapple, Aperol, Lime, Passionfruit

Yellowbird Highball
Bacardi Ocho, Banana, Vanilla, Maple Verjus, Angostura, Ginger Ale

For more information or to make a reservation, head over to Himkok’s official website.

Last year, Himkok partnered with LINIE, a top-selling Norwegian aquavit, to launch its limited edition aquavit, Himkok LINIE.