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Himkok Launches LINIE Aquavit

Himkok LINIE Aquavit

Award-winning Oslo bar and distillery shares new limited-edition drink

Oslo-based award-winning bar and distillery Himkok has partnered with LINIE, a Norwegian top-selling aquavit, to launch its limited edition aquavit, Himkok LINIE.

The unique collaboration involves ageing Himkok’s in-house aquavit, its first aged iteration, in LINIE’s carefully selected oak sherry casks and in the brand’s traditional techniques of sailing across the world before returning to Norway. Having left Oslo Harbour this month  Himkok LINIE is set to return in the Summer of 2024. 

Ahead of next year’s launch, the two teams will be at the Parisian cocktail bar, Danico on 7th December to kick off their Himkok Journey. Recently placed tenth in the World’s 50 Best Bars list, the takeover series with Himkok, is scheduled to take place in cities worldwide and will introduce guests around the globe to the smooth and distinctive flavours of the aquavit and its diversity in mixology. Further cities and dates visited on this incredible journey will be announced. 

The relationship between Himkok and LINIE is a friendship borne from a combined passion for Norwegian culture and traditions, and the two teams’ ongoing mission to spotlight the country’s produce. The collaboration hopes to shine a light on Norway’s national spirit and bring together LINIE’s heritage with Himkok’s innovation and creativity.

LINIE is a premium aquavit brand with a story that dates back to 1805, created by the Norwegian trade family Lysholm, whose name refers to the unique ageing process that crosses the equator ‘LINIE’ twice. The aquavit is matured in Oloroso sherry casks while embarking on a long sea journey resulting in an extraordinarily smooth and rounded aquavit with prominent notes of caraway and star anise and delicate hints of vanilla and sherry.

Head of R&D Paul Voza and Bar Manager Maroš Dzurus of Himkok said: “We’re thrilled to collaborate with LINIE on our first aged aquavit. It’s been exciting to continue to expand our knowledge of the category and find new ways to develop our offering. We look forward to sharing our hard work during our takeover with Danico on December 7th.”

Senior brand manager, Martin Flintager described the partnership;

”LINIE Aquavit is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian heritage, traditions and culture. We have extensive experience within cask matured aquavit, but we have not yet reached our potential in the international bar scene. Himkok has shown that they have a unique ability to capture the essence of Norwegian culture & traditions and transform it into a modern and relevant setting, so I am really looking forward to this partnership. Aquavit-based drinks offer something unexpected to the bar scene, so I hope everyone is ready to explore something new.”

For more information, head over to Himkok’s official website.