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Oslo’s Himkok Unveils “Fashion Meets Mixology” Menu With Designer Eline Dragesund

Himkok Fashion Meets Mixology Menu

Oslo’s Himkok has unveiled its new cocktail menu “Fashion Meets Mixology” in collaboration with Norwegian fashion designer Eline Dragesund, launching on September 28, 2023. The Himkok team partnered with Eline to create 13 exclusively designed pieces to correspond with each of the new cocktails, aiming to showcase the similarities of the innovation, expression, and individuality behind fashion and mixology.

The “Fashion Meets Mixology” menu, led by Paul Aguilar, Maros Dzurus, and Sebastian Sandvik and the wider Himkok team, is a part of the bar’s continued mission to preserve and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Norway. Ambitious, highly creative and emotive; the drinks offering features cocktails centered around one ingredient and are often made using in-house components including Aquavits, Gins, and distillates made in the bar’s distillery.

Himkok Fashion Meets Mixology Menu
Eline Dragesund

One of the new menu additions, Sea Buckthorn is inspired by the recreational outdoor snack combination of the iconic orange soft drink “Solo” and chocolate bar, Kvikk Lunsj, both quintessentially Norwegian. The fruity cocktail imitates Solo by using Himkok’s Sea Buckthorn Distillate for a subtle sweetness and bright citrus note. Sea Buckthorn is a beloved part of the country’s cultural and natural landscape and is often used in traditional dishes and drinks. For additional layers of orange flavor, the cocktail uses Cointreau and Orange Water Kefir alongside Norwegian liqueur, St. Halvard, Strawberry & Rhubarb Wine and Apple & Grape Acidities for a round finish. The cocktail is then garnished with a piece of Kvikk Lunsj.

Eline’s Sea Buckthorn inspired creation enhances the playful and carefree essence of the drink. She uses multiple layers of silk that are reminiscent of the drink in both shape and color.

The Apple cocktail is inspired by a warm apple pie in that apres-ski drink occasion. The sweet flavor of apples in the cocktail is balanced by the cinnamon taste of Fireball whiskey. The cocktail also uses Himkok Vodka and apple & ginger water kefir to add a delicate tartness with the addition of a vitamin mix containing taurine and caffeine for an added boost.

Eline’s design for the Apple cocktail sees the elements of the drink come alive through the use of new materials. The silhouette of flames inspired by the warmth of the Fireball takes you on a journey into the night, offering a glimpse into underground culture.

Himkok Fashion Meets Mixology Menu - Parsnip

Himkok’s Parsnip is a riff on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail and a homage to the often underutilized root vegetable. The unique addition of parsnip brings a subtle sweetness and natural earthiness to the cocktail which complements the smoothness of the Buffalo Trace bourbon. The use of Maple syrup balances out the flavors and the added Angostura Cocoa Bitters provides a rich, aromatic finish.

Eline’s Parship creation blends the classical, exotic, and innovative elements that the drink embodies. The materials used stimulate the imagination, transporting you to various corners of the world, while harmoniously showcasing a symphony of playful flavors.

To mark the launch of the menu, Himkok and Eline will host a one-of-a-kind fashion show held at Oslo’s Sky Room, a rooftop venue that overlooks the city. The fashion show will be an opportunity for guests to experience Himkok’s cocktails through Eline’s creative lens before visiting the bar to enjoy the drinks that inspired each of the pieces.

Himkok often collaborates with other artistic fields in the development of its menus having previously partnered with some of the most innovative artists in Norway, including; Guttestreker, Esra Røise, and Olav Stubberud.

For more information or to make a reservation at the bar, head over to Himkok’s official website.

In December, Himkok launched a menu that used Scandinavian produce to evoke memories of Norway’s traditional sweet treats.