Remedy Bar at Four Seasons Vail

remedy bar

Sporting a high-end sports bar ethos where bros and brodettes of the financial variety can feel at home while begrudgingly admiring card stock and portfolio growth potential, the Remedy Bar is exactly what you would expect from the hotel bar at the Four Seasons in Vail, Colorado. Everything here is high quality, from the digital flat screens to the well-executed cocktails, talented and pleasant staff, and wine list that plays to currently popular, if expensive, tastes.

The cocktails alone are worth the trip into the Four Seasons. If you’re looking for a little kick post skiing to get the body moving again, order the Fauxpresso (Marble Moonlight Espresso, Ron Zacapa Rum, Bruto Americano, Cold Brew Coffee, Coconut). While the cup itself might be small, it more than makes up for it when it comes to depth of flavor. If you like your drinks on draft but want a cocktail, get a pour of The Medicine Cabinet (Weller ‘Remedy Barrel Select’ Bourbon, Maraschino, Pimm’s, Green Chartreuse, Carpano Antica). Wine and beer are available as well and there is even a list of mocktails for those not looking to imbibe.

Food choices span the gamut from 20oz bone-in ribeye to beetroot hummus. There are also a variety of salads as well as pizza, wings, and a burger. Those looking for something a tad more exotic may want to ring up the steamed bao buns, ahi tuna bowl, or spicy jackfruit tacos. Visitors with a sweet tooth will be happy to find a varied dessert menu that includes apple cinnamon fritters, huckleberry cheesecake, and a few other choices.

One comes to the Remedy Bar at the Four Seasons in Vail, Colorado for decadence, and by that account the bar delivers on all fronts, even if its theme seems more bro and sports oriented than classic. If you want to take indulgence to the next level, we suggest ordering the World Famous Remedy Haute Chocolate (Melted Swiss Chocolate, Marshmallow, Chantilly Creme) and adding some boozy fun via  Baileys, Jameson or Wondermint.

Four Seasons Vail

Find It Here:
1 Vail Rd.
Vail, CO 81657