Eden Mill Releases Alcohol Free Gin & Tonics In Ready To Drink Cans

eden mill alcohol free

Eden Mill are making life a tad bit easier for those attempting a “Dry January.” The famed Scottish Gin makers have launched a line of pre-mixed alcohol-free Gin & Tonics that can be used to get you through those tough moments where nothing seems like it will quench your thirst the same way a G&T does.

Dubbed, “Eden Nil”, the new line of pre-mixed, alcohol-free spirits is aimed at those looking to cut back on their drinks this year, and place the company fully in the quickly developing alcohol-free cocktail game. 

Of course, we’ve seen this all before, but rarely is the pre-mixed in the can product anything comparable to the poured and stirred in a glass variety. The people over at Eden Mill, however, have apparently figured it out. They’re reporting that 75 percent of individuals couldn’t tell the difference between the cans and the real thing. And as makers of one of our favorite Gins on the planet, where inclined to trust their judgement.

Eden Mill worked with expert botanists from Edinburgh’s Secret Herb Garden to create the non-alcoholic distillate using just water, juniper, coriander, lemon balm, and cardamom. They paired it with tonic water to create the G&T that is supposed to match up with the real thing and it might just keep you on target with your New Year’s resolutions.

If you’re looking for something a little different than the usual Gin & Tonic, have no fear. Eden Mill has also produced an Eden Nil drink that mixes its famous pink Love Gin with rose lemonade. And even though its January, it may be the perfect drink to remind you that summer isn’t too far off.

Those looking to keep up their Dry January or who are just curious if the flavor really matches that of a G&T, can order can from Eden Mill’s official website. The cans are going for  £1.50 ($1.98).