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Paris’ Danico Launches “Japan” Cocktail Menu

Danico Japan cocktail menu - ZARU SOBA

2nd arrondissement cocktail bar Danico launched its third menu, Japan

Paris’ cocktail bar Danico has unveiled its third cocktail menu, Japan. Every six months, the 2nd arrondissement bar reveals a new menu inspired by the travels of owner Nico de Soto, and celebrates a specific region of the world.

De Soto’s interest in Japanese culture started back in 2004. During an unexpected layover on the way to Australia he discovered a passion for the country, describing it as “a place of embodying the unknown, where everything is open to discovery, containing  a unique culture, and where the possibilities to be educated are endless.”

The Danico Japan cocktail menu was developed by Nico and Bar Manager Coco Gaudin to pay homage to their Japanese inspiration. The ‘SAKURA’ cocktail is inspired by the nation’s iconic cherry blossoms and is laced with Hendrick’s gin, Martini Rubino Vermouth, Campari, umesha liqueur and finished off by infusing cherry blossom, providing a bitter and flowery complexity to the cocktail. Meanwhile, the ‘CHANOYU’ is influenced by the country’s tea ceremonies, capturing the ritual of preparing and the presentation of matcha accompanied with an almond and matcha mochi. Whereas, inspired by a culinary noodle dish, typically served during the summer months, the ‘ZARU SOBA’ balances 3S barley shochu, wasabi and sesame distillates.

Founded by Nico de Soto and restaurateurs Julien Ross and Alexandre Giesbert in 2016, Danico has fast become one of Paris’ most acclaimed bars, ranking no. 51 in the World’s 50 Best Bars 51-100 list 2023.

For more information, check out our interview with Head Bartender Corentin Gaudin and head over to their official website.