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Turning Japanese Cold Noodles Into A Cocktail

Japanese Cold Noodle Cocktail

Double Chicken Please continues to subvert the cocktail world by turning our favorite meals into delicious drinks. Case in point, their Japanese Cold Noodle, a pina colada twist that somehow manages to balance the savory notes of sesame oil with the sweetness of fresh pineapple.

Founders GN Chan originally won the 016 Bacardí Legacy Global competition with this drink, when it was known as “Venceremos.” If you’re looking to whip up a cocktail for a crowd that’s sure to turn some heads, give the below recipe a try, but if you’d rather have the talented creators show you the way, head down to New York’s Lower East Side, just make sure to get a reservation ahead of time.

Double Chicken Please

GN Chan, Co-founder & Bartender
Faye Chen, Co-founder & General Manager

Cocktail Name:
Japanese Cold Noodle

Type of cocktail:
long drink

A bowl of Japanese cold noodles & a piña colada

What make it unique:
The Japanese Cold Noodle is a twist on a piña colada with cucumber and sesame oil which balances the natural sweetness of fresh pineapple with supporting vegetal and savory notes. The drink is also known by another name, “Venceremos,” the winning cocktail of the 2016 Bacardí Legacy Global competition.

Why does it represent the bar?:
Double Chicken Please is a Lower East Side restaurant & cocktail bar inspired by the exploration and experimentation of traditional drinks and dishes in the spirit of hacking design. The Back Room at Double Chicken Please offers inventive craft cocktails that deconstruct, redefine and rebuild iconic dishes into liquid form such as the Japanese Cold Noodle, Cold Pizza, Key Lime Pie, NY Beet Salad, Mango Sticky Rice and others. 

Ingredients and measurements:

  • 40 ml BACARDÍ Superior
  • 25 ml Coconut syrup 
  • 30 ml Pineapple Juice
  • 15 ml Cucumber Juice
  • 10 ml Lime Juice
  • 1 dash Sesame Oil

Shake & strain over ice

rocks glass

No garnish.

Try Double Chicken Please’s Cold Pizza cocktail.