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NYC’s Double Chicken Please Turned Cold Pizza Into A Savory Margarita

Cold Pizza Cocktail From Double Chicken Please In NYC

Double Chicken Please is the hottest bar in New York, and for good reason. The Lower East Side space is stirring, shaking, and crafting some of the most inventive cocktails on the planet. Inspired by exploration and experimentation, the Back Room at Double Chicken Please offers inventive craft cocktails that deconstruct, redefine, and rebuild iconic dishes into liquid form. Take for example the Cold Pizza.

Inspired by margarita pizza and the iconic margarita, the Cold Pizza cocktail, created by Double Chicken Please co-founders GN Chan and Faye Chen, features cheese and burnt toast tequila, lime-basil cordial, oolong tea honey, tomato water, and egg white. Find out the details behind the drink below.

Double Chicken Please

GN Chan, Co-founder & Bartender
Faye Chen, Co-founder & General Manager

Cocktail Name:
Cold Pizza

Type of cocktail:
Short drink

A leftover slice of margherita pizza & a margarita

What make it unique:
The Cold Pizza, one of Double Chicken Please’s signature drinks, was originally inspired by the concept of a margherita margarita. Using tequila as the base spirit, the drink contains clarified tomato water, oolong tea honey, and lime-basil cordial, is infused with burnt toast and parmigiano reggiano, and shaken with egg white. The garnish is a custom edible rice paper print of a hand holding a slice of pizza.

Why does it represent the bar?:
Double Chicken Please is a Lower East Side restaurant & cocktail bar inspired by the exploration and experimentation of traditional drinks and dishes in the spirit of hacking design. The Back Room at Double Chicken Please offers inventive craft cocktails that deconstruct, redefine and rebuild iconic dishes into liquid form such as the Japanese Cold Noodle, Cold Pizza, Key Lime Pie, NY Beet Salad, Mango Sticky Rice and others. 

Ingredients and measurements:

  • 30 ml cheese & burnt toast tequila
  • 10 ml lime-basil cordial
  • 5ml oolong tea honey
  • 40 ml tomato water 
  • 15 ml egg white 

Shake & strain into a chilled glass

Low martini glass

An edible custom rice paper print featuring an image of a hand holding a slice of pizza, resting on the foam.