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Baccarat Bar Shares New Menu Inspired By The Creative Lens Of An Artist

Baccarat Bar Menu Oct '23 Cocktails - Mary Magdalene

Baccarat Bar at Harrods launches new cocktail menu inspired by the creativity and craft of photography.

Located on the lower-ground floor of Harrods in Knightsbridge, London, Baccarat Bar is unveiling the Third Edition of its signature cocktail menu, titled “Through the Creative Lens”.
Inspired by the multifaceted world of photography, the new cocktail menu celebrates how the “creative lens” captures ordinary scenes and transforms them into works of art.

Inspiration for the new menu is informed by the artistry of ten creative lenses, filters and effects in photography, which has lead the Baccarat Bar team to create unique cocktails and four non-alcoholic cocktails. The theme explores different photography techniques, including black and white, clarity, saturation, colour inversion, sepia, bleaching, bokeh, long exposure, lens flare and temperature gauge, with each effect inspiring two cocktails from the same base ingredient.

The team behind Baccarat Bar, led by internationally acclaimed Bar Manager Michal Janusz Maziarz, pride themselves in experimentation, innovation and unique storytelling behind each handcrafted cocktail. There is a science to the art of Baccarat cocktail making, and each drink is tried and tested in the Bar’s own drinks lab, where the magic of creation happens.

Speaking on the new cocktail menu Ashley Saxton, Director of Restaurants and Bars at Harrods,said:

“We are delighted to announce the Third Edition of our Signature new menu since launching Baccarat Bar, where we have continued to push the boundaries of traditional cocktail menus to deliver world-class service to our customers at the bar and Harrods. Our passionate team, led by our Bar Manager Michal, has dedicated a great part of the past six months to creating this new menu, inspired by the creative world of photography. The new uniquely created cocktails, all served in our Baccarat glassware, provides the luxurious experience we strive to provide at Harrods.”

Michal Janusz Maziarz, Bar Manager at Baccarat Bar, added: “The Baccarat Bar team and I have spent the last six months perfecting our new menu, showcasing our creations which are inspired by the creative lens and how they influence capturing the moment, be it in photographer’s camera or a memory in our minds. We look forward to welcoming our returning and new guests, to try our new menu in the bar very soon.”

Guests to Baccarat Bar can immerse themselves into the luxurious surroundings and indulge in one of the nineteen cocktails. Highlights from the new menu include:

Black And White

In the realm of photography, analog black and white and contemporary digital colour represent two distinct eras in our visual heritage. The “Grayscale” cocktail is a classic martini, elevated by the essence of 1,000 apple trees with a cider-based vermouth, whilst the “Thousand Apple Fizz ” is a vibrant, sparkling take on the appletini.


Clarity in photography embodies purity and transparency. The “Mary Magdalene” is a rich, savoury and herbaceous cocktail, a twist on the Bloody Mary, whilst “Redemption Mary” is clean, savoury and elegant with a seaweed garnish.


Saturation in photography enriches the visual flavour of an image. The “Acai Punch”, with its vibrant saturation, embodies the zest and tang of tropical fruit, complemented by the Haitian cane spirit, Clairin. The “Ramos Fix”, stretches its rustic elements to their limits, revealing a full spectrum of flavours.

Colour Inversion

Colour inversion in photography is where the familiar is transformed into the unexpected, igniting a sense of wonder. “Pepper-berry Club” combines raspberry with a touch of beetroot and a hint of spice. In contrast, “Cool Blues” presents a more aromatic, perfume-like raspberry experience, with golden beetroot and a hint of menthol.


Sepia photography is characterised by its warm amber tones, remindful of the shift from spring to autumn. “Spring Burst” is a blend of Japanese cold-brewed green tea, sweet pear, and oregano, crowned with a sea-breeze-like hint of fino sherry. “Autumnal Rustle” is a blend of dried pear, aged cognac, sherry, and oxidised black tea.


Bleaching removes colour and detail from photos, just as milk-washing clarifies and softens a cocktail’s flavour. The “Treating Trick” cocktail is a take on the modern classic Penicillin Cocktail where whiskies are blended with roasted pumpkin and roasted pumpkin seed liqueur. Meanwhile, the “Nightcap” has been milk-washed, resulting in a light and silky texture.


The bokeh effect in photography is like capturing the essence of flavour in a single frame, elevating the subject as the star of the visual story. “Waxed Frenchie” offers a twist on the classic French 75 cocktail with clarified banana juice. “Bubble Wrap” is a playful variation of the same drink, with its aromatic elements concentrated in spheres that float within the cocktail.

Long exposure

Long exposure photography is a patient process that captures the beauty of movement and light, through time. The “Long Exposure” is warm, tangy and aromatic in style, with three installations created with The Macallan Harmony Amber Meadow, 12 Yr Double Oak and 18 Yr Double Oak and the mix of pineapple, ice wine and miso caramel.

Lens Flare

Colour inversion in photography transforms the anticipated into the unexpected. Baccarat has creatively reimagined Laphroaig 10yo whisky in two distinct ways. The first is “The Manhattan Project” a well-defined and concentrated Manhattan-style mocktail, while the second is a non-alcoholic “whisky and coke” style drink called “Coqe and Smoke”.

Temperature Gauge

In photography, temperature settings function much like capsaicin’s spicy kick and menthol’s refreshing coolness. “Heatwave” and “Cold Snap”, both non-alcoholic, feature mango and Earl Grey tea as the focal elements. The mocktails alternate between using both a sea-inspired aperitif combined with menthol tincture and a forest -inspired aperitif with a hint of spice from African Penja pepper.

The Baccarat Bar is open from 3pm to 11.30pm Monday to Wednesday, 1pm to 11:30pm Thursday to Saturday and 1pm to 10pm on Sunday. Reservations for Baccarat Bar are available to book over the phone, on the Harrods website as well as at reservations@harrods.com and, the bar also welcomes walk-ins. 

The Baccarat Bar can also be accessed from the lower-ground floor of Harrods opposite the cigar concept lounge in collaboration with JJ Fox and La Casa del Habanos that is open each evening until close and allows guests to sample a selection of the world’s finest cigars.

Opening times:

Monday – Friday: 1:00pm to 11:30pm 
Saturday: 12:00pm to 11:30am 
Sunday: 12:00am to 10:00pm

For more information or to make a reservation, head over to Baccarat Bar’s official website.

In June, Baccarat Bar launched its first new menu since opening its doors in July 2020, Metamorphosis.