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Atxa Sierra De Orduna Pacharan

Atxa Sierra De Orduna Pacharan

Destilerias Acha is one of Basque Country’s oldest continuously operating businesses, and Atxa Sierra De Orduna Pacharan is one of its best known products. The small distillery is located in Amurrio, 50km from the Cantabrian Sea. Originally founded in 1831, the company has been in the more than capable hands of the Acha family since 1886. Today, Gabriel Acha leads the company. 

When Gabriel took the reins of the distillery, Acha was on the verge of bankruptcy, but then he turned the operation into a thriving business in just a few years. The company makes both Pacharan (or Patxaran) and Vermouth, and the majority of its products are consumed in the Basque region. However, it’s available at a couple of shops, and online, in the U.S.

When it comes to their Atxa Sierra Do Orduna Pacharan The Acha family maintains an authentic recipe handed down for generations. Local, hand-picked sloe berries from the Sierra de Orduña are macerated with an alcohol that has been distilled five times, while another batch of this alcohol is used to macerate three types of anise. Once both macerations are complete, the sloe berries and anise are blended with sugar and additional alcohol to create Pacharán Sierra de Orduña.

Featuring a rich, smooth palate, Atxa Sierra de Orduna Pacharan features notes of licorice with tart berry flavors. It’s fruit-forward and has touches of orange to go along with the anise. The liquid is a deep golden red and has a long finish with balanced tannins.

Traditionally, Pacharan is drunk as a digestif after a large meal, served in a brandy snifter over large cubed ice. However, it is also excellent in a variety of cocktails. It acts as a great replacement for Campari or any of a variety of bitter Amari or liqueurs. It’s also has around the same alcohol by volume as Campari, since it comes in at 25% ABV.


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