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Pacharan Zoco

Pacharan Zoco

Pacharan is traditionally made by macerating sloes in anise, and so is the case for Pacharan Zoco. Sloe, known as arañón in Navarra, is the fruit of the Prunus spinosa shrub. It belongs to the family of plums, but the fruits are smaller than cherries. Bluish black in color, its flavor is acidic and astringent, and therefore it has never been consumed as fruit.

Pacharán Zoco supervises the cultivation of their own sloes in Navarra, paying particular attention to the time of its collection. Zoco’s secret is in the perfect maturity of sloes, which is reached during the fall. Until then, they taste the sloes from each plot, waiting patiently for the right time to pick.

The collected sloes are then left to marinate in anise for three months. After maceration, they separate the Pacharán from the sloes, let it stabilize naturally in the tank and filter it to guarantee its shine. 

Pacharán Zoco controls each step of the manufacturing process. And their obsession is to create a Pacharan using traditional methods that remain as delicious as it was when it was first released in 1956. Zoco’s goal is to continue to pass on the recipe and tradition surrounding their Pacharan from parents to children.

In the glass, Pacharán Zoco perfectly integrates the flavors of sloes and anise. It’s color is a cherry red hue linked to its origin in Navarra. The nose is softly fruity with notes of aniseed, while delicate aromas of plums and cherries are found deeper in the bottle. On the palate, it’s initial acidity is balances by the sweetness of anise. The finish is long and fruit forward with bursts of electricity that make the mouth water, craving for more.

Pacharan Zoco is a great sipper over ice in the afternoon or, as it is traditionally drunk, after a large meal. We’ve also found that it can work great in cocktails.

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