How To Chill Wine Fast On Hot Summer Days, According To A Winery Chef

Summer is in full swing across the northern hemisphere and many places along the west coast of the USA are experiencing an incredible heatwave, so what better time to check out solutions to the age-old problem of how to chill your wine as fast as possible. 

Seeking a solution to the problem of simply dropping ice cubes into a refreshing glass of crisp white, which inevitably ends up producing a diluted beverage, the people at Food & Wine invited La Crema Winery head Chef Tracey Shepos to share some advice. 

La Crema Winery has been making Burgundian-style chardonnay and pinot noir in Sonoma county, California for over 40 years. The brand focuses on growing grapes in small lots that foster bold, distinct, and balanced flavors in every bottle. With flavors so deliberate, it would be a shame to waste a drop. That’s why Chef Tracey recommends freezing your leftover wine into ice cubes. When you’re ready to pour a glass, instead of adding regular ice cubes, pop in a few cubes of pre-frozen wine instead.  

Shepo said: “Traditional water ice cubes water down the wine, diluting the flavor. I want my wine to taste full, vibrant, and flavorful until the last sip,”

Turning leftover wine into ice cubes is the great method of preserving remaining sips of a bottle while ensuring each future glass remains boldly flavored even when chilled.

It’s also worth remembering that frozen wine cubes can also be used in a variety of culinary projects. Dropping frozen wine cubes into pan sauces is a great way to quickly add depth to existing flavours.

A potentially life-saving detail to remember during this process is to label your ice trays so you know exactly what you’re adding to your glass each time. You’ll avoid the danger of confusing chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. Correctly labelled ice trays for each varietal is a guaranteed way to make sure you know what you’re drinking. 

If you love ice cold wine, consider trying this expert-approved hack to ensure you’ll have a chilled, fully-flavoured way of keeping cool this summer. After all, what’s better than a chill wine on a hot summer day?