This Pineapple Old Fashioned Riff Should Be Your Go-To Summer Cocktail

Pineapple Rum Old Fashioned

Mount Gay has teamed up with chef Richard Blais to concoct the perfect summer cocktail. Too often, hot weather drinks are saccharine and forgettable, the “Good Old Pine,” however, is a robust rum old fashioned-riff that reminds us summer is worth savoring.

Made in Barbados, the birthplace of rum, Mount Gay is a champion of great tasting rum. Mount Gay utilizes a variety of casks during the maturation process, such as ex-American Whiskey, Bourbon, and Cognac casks. This process, coupled with its island roots and tropical climate, provide every bottle with a wide depth of flavor and distinct tasting notes. Mount Gay Black Barrel for example, which is featured in the “Summer Taste Essentials” kit, is double aged in ex-American Whiskey and Bourbon casks, creating a bold and robust expression with notes of toasted vanilla, toffee, and orange zest.  

“Our Mount Gay Black Barrel expression is a wonderfully versatile rum to feature on your home bar,” noted Trudiann Branker, Master Blender at Mount Gay. “Robust and bold, Black Barrel is beautiful on its own and incredible in craft cocktails, showcasing its rich and full-bodied notes.” 

“The Old Fashioned cocktail should be approachable and easy to imbibe, making it a celebrated classic cocktail for a reason,” explained Mount Gay National Brand Ambassador Dominic Alling. “When made correctly the drink highlights the base spirit used rather than mask its flavor. While many reach for rye or bourbon for this classic cocktail, I prefer to use Mount Gay Black Barrel as the rum brings a bold and robust flavor to the cocktail thanks to being double aged in ex-American Whiskey and Bourbon barrels. In addition, the ratio of syrup and bitters to rum lends itself to highlighting the expression’s tasting notes of toffee, gingerbread and ripe banana.

What makes this recipe unique is the way we are infusing the pineapple flavor. While grabbing a bottle of pineapple rum and making an old fashioned using a standard recipe may make sense, if you wanted to create this drink to achieve a fresh flavor profile then this riff will serve you well. The pineapple syrup plays an important role using both pineapple fruit and pineapple skin to achieve an earthy and fresh flavor, ultimately pairing well with the earthy and spicy notes of the Mount Gay Black Barrel.”

Featuring just three ingredients, the Good Ole Pine is as easy as a summer breeze to put together:

Good Old Pine 


  • 2 oz Mount Gay Black Barrel  
  • 1/4 oz Pineapple Syrup* 
  • 2 Dashes of Angostura  


Add all ingredients to glass and stir over big cube. Garnish with lemon peel and/or pineapple frond.

*Pineapple Syrup:  

Blend simple syrup and pineapple chunks. Skin on for a sustainable and earthy flavor. Strain and use.  

If you’re not looking to stir up your own cocktail, we have some good news, Mount Gay is releasing the cocktails as part of its limited-edition “Summer Taste Essentials” kit in partnership with Cocktail Courier. 

Available via Cocktail Courier through July 15, the “Summer Taste Essentials” kit provides everything needed for your next summer gathering, including the key ingredients and complimentary cocktail items to craft the ‘Good Old Pine’, a riff on a classic Old Fashioned. Additionally, the kit includes a cedar grilling plank and set of seasonings to spice up your dishes, making for unforgettable food and cocktail pairings.  

“Working with Mount Gay to encourage others to explore and savor the flavors of the season is something I am really excited to be a part of,” said ‘Next Level Chef’ and TV personality Richard Blais. “With boundless ways to interpret taste, the kit provides cocktail enthusiasts with a way to experience the essence of summer and pairing refreshing cocktails with savory summer grilling staples is the perfect way to discover new flavor combinations.”  

The “Mount Gay Rum Summer Taste Essentials” kit will be available for purchase on Cocktail Courier beginning June 15th through July 15th for $112.99.