Starward Left-Field Whisky Arrives

Starward Left-Field Whisky

Starward has announced the launch of its Left-Field Whisky. The new offering from the Australian brand is exclusive to the European market.

Starward Left-Field was designed with the European palate in mind and was part of a concerted push to make Australian whiskies more widely available to consumers around the globe. Like the other offerings from the brand it has been matured in Australian red wine barrels. 

Left-Field is matured in 100 percent French oak casks, including some that have been charred to add another flavor dimension to the Whisky. The barrels were sourced from the premier Australian wine-producing regions of the Barossa Valley and Yarra Valley.

“We all have a ‘special occasion’ whisky cabinet which is overflowing with options, but the sharing cabinet is curated,” said David Vitale, Starward Whisky co-founder. “We believe we have an opportunity to elbow out some space and create an alternative to the great whiskies from around the world with an Australian whisky, matured in Australian wine barrels.”

“We felt it was important for us to create a flavourful but easy-drinking and approachable whisky that talks to the place it is made, like very few whiskies can,” added Vitale. “With our red wine barrel ageing, our whiskies also offer something very different to most others. This juicy approachability from our red wine barrels means our whiskies are perfect for cocktails and mixing.”

Left-Field is exclusively available in Europe and the United Kingdom through Waitrose beginning February 1 and is priced at £35 ($48 USD) for a 700ml bottle.

In October, we sat down with Starward Founder David Vitale to dive deeper into Solera, the iconic Australian offering that revolutionized New World Whiskies.

Last July, Starward launched Fortis, the fourth Whisky from the Australian brand. The new expression will round out the Melbourne-based distillery’s core range, but will only be released in small batches.