N.I.P Distilling Debuts 800M Gin To Celebrate Year Of The Ox

N.I.P 800M limited edition Gin

N.I.P Distilling has released 800M Gin. The new, limited-edition offering from the Hong Kong-based distillery was created to celebrate the Year of the Ox and the upcoming Lunar New Year.

N.I.P 800M (800 million) was inspired by Fat Choi Spirit, a comedy film released in 2002, and one of the distiller’s favorite films. Just 888 bottles of the limited-edition Gin will be released. 

Distilled in a bespoke copper pot-column distillation system from Germany, the spirit combines eight botanicals inspired by ingredients traditionally used in Chinese New Year festivities. Traditional juniper berries are used alongside mandarin, lotus seeds, lily, black dates, ginger, tieguanyin tea, and gold flakes. Combined they create a Gin that offers the aromas and flavors associated with Lunar New Year celebrations.

For Chinese New Year, N.I.P Distilling has teamed up with The Langham Hong Kong’s three Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant T’ang Court to create a festive pairing menu starring 800M Gin. The spirits is paired with Chef Kwong Wai-keung’s special poon choi made with whole ten-head abalone, fish maw, dried oyster, conpoy, sea cucumber, black mushroom, fresh prawns, goose webs, marinated chicken, served in a traditional claypot. 

If you’re looking to enjoy the spirit without diving into a three-star Michelin experience, the distillery recommends mixing it with Indian tonic to make a G&T or using it as part of a Golden Highball.

Golden Highball

  • 50ml of 800M Gin
  • 50ml oolong tea
  • 10ml fresh lemon juice
  • 15ml sugar syrup
  • Soda water

N.I.P 800M limited edition Gin HK$818 ($105 USD) and can be purchased via the official website and in select supermarkets and liquor stores across Hong Kong. This offering is probably exclusive to Hong Kong, but feel free to reach out and ask the brand.

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