Stagg Jr 15th Batch Bourbon Bottled At 131.1 Proof By Buffalo Trace Distillery

Stagg Jr 15th barch 131.1 proof Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace Distillery has released Stagg Jr 15th Batch Bourbon at a staggering 131.1 proof. The winter allocation of the Kentucky straight Bourbon Whiskey from the iconic distillery arrives just in time for the holidays.

Stagg Jr 15th Barch is uncut, unfiltered, aged over eight years, and possesses a taste profile similar to its elder statesman, George T. Stagg. Tasting notes describe this barrel proof Whiskey providing vanilla bean and salted caramel front and center on the nose, cherries, cinnamon and oak on the palate, and a long finish of toasted vanilla, pepper, coffee and hints of sweet mint. 

Stagg Jr 15th barch 131.1 proof Buffalo Trace bottle

Introduced in 2013, Stagg Jr. quickly became a favorite of reviewers, and won a double gold medal in this year’s San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Previous accolades include being named “tried and true,” and “great value,” from competitions such as Los Angeles International Spirits Competition, New York World Spirits Competition, World Whiskies Awards, and others.  

Only two batches of Stagg Jr. are produced each year and the 15th batch is headed to retailers as we speak, where it is set to be priced $49.99. The next release won’t be until late spring 2021.

Last month, Buffalo Trace released a 1995 Vintage O.F.C. Bourbon Whiskey. That means, back in 1995, while Amazon sold its first book and eBay made its debut as “AuctionWeb,” Buffalo Trace quietly distilled and tucked away a special Old Fashioned Copper Bourbon for 25 years.

In October, The Last Drop Distillers announced their first Autumn Collection of rare aged spirits, featuring a 1980 Buffalo Trace Bourbon, a 1976 “Overproof” Very Old Jamaica Rum, and a 1959 Vintage Grande Champagne Cognac.

In September, Buffalo Trace Distillery released its 2020 Antique Collection of Whiskeys. The collection will once again feature five limited-release Whiskeys of various ages, recipes, and proofs.