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Rome’s Sexiest Hotel Bar Delivers Cinematic Elegance Alongside Gold Spattered Cocktails

Stravinskij Bar - Hotel de Russie

If Paolo Sorrentino imagined the Chateau Marmont in Rome, Hotel de Russie would be that creative vision taken structural form. Located just steps from Piazza del Popolo, the hotel boasts one of the most cinematic and elegant bar experiences available.

Situated in front of Le Jardin de Russie, Stravinskij Bar offers spectacular views in every direction, not of the city itself, but of intricate design work and beautiful clientele. During the day, expect a mix of everything from Italian film stars with purple sunglass lenses to chic tourists and rich locals. Night brings women in towering heels and flowing backless dresses, all with a lit-up waterfall tumbling into a lush garden setting situated in the background above. Marble bannisters encircle the space above and give the feeling that this is the place to be seen drinking in Rome.

Stravinskij Bar above - Hotel de Russie

A friend—and former resident of Rome—simply calls it the  “sexiest place” she’s ever been. The chic surrounds and stylish guests will remind you why Italian couture continues to sit atop the world’s fashion scene, and you’ll wonder why this isn’t how you enjoy drinks all the time.

Attentive staff makes even the most basic order feel like a deep dive into how to eat and drink properly. Expect the traditional chips and olives with any order, along with a variety of nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, candied walnuts). The menu is vast and nothing comes cheap, but all the little extras and attention to detail reminds you why you’re spending that bit extra.

The incredible space is elevated by its masterful cocktails. While you can’t go wrong with an Aperol spritz, if you’re looking for something that glitters, give the Sparkling Gold Negroni (Coffee scented Gin Bombay East, Biancosarti, Martini Ambrato, chocolate bitter, soda water) a try. Additionally, there’s a full wine list and a variety of beers available.

As for food, there’s everything from a huge plate of Parma ham and buffalo mozzarella—well worth the €24—to spaghetti with tomato and basil (also €24) and even a €38 steak sandwich. Another highly recommended option is to come after dinner and enjoy spectacular tea service alongside a variety of wonderful desserts, including gelato and sorbet options.

If you’re looking for a sexy and cinematic hotel bar experience in central Rome, Stravinskij Bar at Hotel de Russie is the place to go.

To make a reservation, head over to the hotel’s official website.