Monkey 47 Founder Creates Habanero-Infused Bourbon, Horse With No Name

Horse With No Name Bourbon

Some of us spent the pandemic trudging through the depths of Netflix and considering purchasing a Peloton. Legendary Monkey 47 founder Alexander Stein, however, spent the months of lockdown letting his creativity run riot in the depths of the Black Forest. The spirits industry icon went ahead and founded a new company, The Horse’s Spirit Company, with the aim of blending the centuries-old distilling expertise of the Black Forest with the traditional production of American whiskey, in an effort to capture the best of both worlds. Now he has revealed the results of his toil, Horse with No Name, a straight bourbon infused with 2% habanero chili distillate.

In keeping with the idea that a cobbler should always stick to his last, the Horse`s Spirit Company decided to partner up with the Firestone & Robertson Distillery in Texas to create the “All Git-Out” proprietary mash bill. For the time being, the bourbon will be provided by Pernod Ricard USA and in the mid-term, it will be exclusively produced by Firestone & Robertson Distillery.

Horse with No Name whiskey is aged for four years in toasted American oak barrels then blended with habanero distillate produced from specially cultivated Red Savina habanero chilis grown in the Black Forest. Versatile and intriguing, Horse with No Name can be enjoyed neat, as twist on classic bourbon cocktails such as the Mint Julep, or Old Fashioned, or mixed with cola and a squeeze of fresh lemon and lime for what the brand is calling a Cowboy Spritz.

Horse With No Name bottle cocktail orange

Cowboy Spritz

  • 4cl Horse with No Name
  • 1 dash Lemon Juice
  • 1 dash Lime Juice
  • 10cl Coca-Cola
  • Garnish with Lemon Zest

Stir up all the ingredients with ice cubes and serve in a glass with a garnish of lemon zest.

“We are beyond excited to launch Horse with No Name in the UK due to the phenomenal success we have seen with Monkey 47,” said Ian Peart, Pernod Ricard UK Commercial Director. “Horse with No Name once again offers our customers an intriguing new spirit, which is sure to become a talking point with consumers at the bar, as well as an original brand identity that we will be activating across the On-Trade in the coming months. Watch this space!”

Bottled at 45% ABV, Horse with No Name is priced at £47.89 per 500ml bottles and can be purchased via Master of Malt and Amazon. On-Trade stockists include Venus, Amathus, Enotria and DMD.

For more information, head over to Horese with No Name’s official website.