Penderyn Unveils 2021 Single Cask Whiskies

Penderyn 2021 Single Cask Whiskies

Penderyn Distillery has announced the release of two 2021 Penderyn Single Cask Single Malt Welsh Whiskies exclusively for the American market: Penderyn 15 Year Old Bourbon Matured Single Cask and Penderyn 13 Year Old Rich Oak Single Cask. Both Single Casks are solely available in the United States through ImpEx Beverages. 

The new cask strength Whiskies from the award-winning distillery land stateside in anticipation of St. David’s Day, the March 1st National Day of Wales. It was on this day in 2004 that Penderyn Distillery launched its first Whisky in the presence of HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales.

Bottled at 59% ABV, Penderyn 15 Year Old Bourbon Matured Single Cask was filled into cask in 2005 and matured entirely in a Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrel before being bottled in 2020. The resulting Whisky offers a nose of soft honey, vanilla, and pears, accompanied by oaky notes and spices. The palette is rich and syrupy, like a sponge cake with marzipan, with some light oak and Bourbon coming through alongside soft yellow fruits ringing with papaya and pineapple notes. The finish is loaded with honey, light tropical notes, and light spices. Just 114 bottles will be made available and are priced at $170.

Bottled at 58.1% ABV, the Penderyn 13 Year Old Rich Oak Single Cask first matured in Buffalo Trace Bourbon casks and then finished in an ex-European STR cask (shaved, toasted, re-charred). It offers a nose of caramel and dark chocolate richness – sweet, jammy, and thick – accompanied by tropical fruit notes such as melon, mango, and papaya. In the mouth, it is sweet and jam-like, deliciously juicy like fruit salad in a glass, followed by spiciness and notes of oak tannins. It finishes with fruits such as prunes and sultanas, while the jammy sweetness dries in the fade. Only 232 bottles will be released and are priced at $150.

Periodically, Penderyn selects its best casks to offer the distillery’s discerning followers new examples of its outstanding single malt whisky. Historically, those chosen for release in the US are met with rave reviews and top ratings and are the first age statement Penderyn Single Casks to be released in the world. These special releases are handpicked in partnership with Sam Filmus, president of ImpEx Beverages, who assists Penderyn’s distilling team in making the final selections.

The 2021 Penderyn Single Cask Single Malt Welsh Whiskies can be found in California, Nebraska, Minnesota, Arkansas, New York, Washington, Washington D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Illinois, Texas, and Tennessee.