Kin Toffee + Vodka To Roll Out New Sustainable Bottle

Kin Toffee + Vodka Sustainable Bottle

Kin Vodka – producer of the award-winning Kin Toffee + Vodka – is launching a brand new bespoke, sustainably designed bottle. The new bottles from the Lake District distillery are made from 50 percent recycled glass.

Kin’s familiar bird branding is embossed on the neck of the bottle, which also features an embossed design to mirror the iconic Lake District viewpoint of the Langdales as appears on the Lakeland slate-effect label. Additional embossed stars depicting a clear Lakeland sky adorn the bottles’ base. 

The full revamped range were originally due to be on the shelves from late spring 2021, but unprecedented demand in the run up to Christmas meant that the larger, new-look 700ml bottle, had to be introduced earlier to fulfil online orders.

Kin Toffee + Vodka was launched by Judith Wren at Newby Bridge in the Lake District in 2013 and is a blend of rich caramel, vanilla, and toffee flavors. Inspired by the mountain classic, toffee vodka, from the ski slopes of the French Alps, Judith returned home to create her own unique blended vegan and dairy-free drink.

“These revamped bottles have been a couple of years in planning as they were such a big investment and commitment that we wanted to get them just right,” said Judith. “In today’s world, any responsible business owner should be thinking about ways to make their operation, and their products, more sustainable. That’s what consumers increasingly now expect and it’s something that we’re passionate about as a business.

“For Kin, it was about making the new-look bottles, not just attractive to stand out on the shelves, but attractive for their values. We worked hard to come up with the most sustainable design we could – made from 50% recycled glass –without taking anything away from the renowned quality of the product.

“The new bottles are slightly taller, elegant, more interesting to look at, and really represent the Kin brand and the story behind it – drawing inspiration from the scenery, the landscape, and the stars. Not to mention it’s also made us really proud that Kin Toffee + Vodka has reached the heights to deserve its own bespoke designed bottles. We can even see them being re-used in homes up and down the country, helping to encourage a sustainable attitude from our customers.”

The Kin Vodka bottle was created by Allied Glass. Nolan Kane, Head of Emerging Brands at Allied Glass, added: “The bottle is made from recycled glass, which is sourced from across the UK, substantially improving Kin’s carbon footprint whilst supporting British manufacturing.”