Opihr Gin & Tonic Cans Set To Hit Shelves In August

Opihr Gin & Tonic cans

Opihr Gin & Tonic cans are poised to hit shelves across the United Kingdom come August. The Quintessential Brands-owned distiller will release two flavors of the ready to drink beverages, which will be priced at £2.00 ($2.50 USD).

The forthcoming RTD cans combine Opihr spiced London Dry Gin with tonic and a flavor twist: Gin & Tonic with a Dash of Ginger and Gin & Tonic with a Twist of Orange. Both 250ml cans come in at 6.5% ABV.

Opihr’s new RTD cans feature an ornate design inspired by its connection to the Ancient Spice Route–where its hand-picked botanicals are sourced, including cubeb berries from Malaysia, coriander from Morocco, and cardamom from India.

The market demand for canned cocktails has increased dramatically in recent years, and even more so due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus crisis. Bars and restaurants are still navigating how to operate safely and effectively under the continuously moving COVID-19 guidelines, and canned cocktails offer drink lovers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite beverages in a new way, while being able to get out of the house.

Russell Kirkham, Marketing Director for Quintessential Brands UK, owner of Opihr Gin, commented: “With consumers across the UK heading outdoors to enjoy a drink with their friends and family as part of our ‘new normal’, we’re really excited to be launching our new Opihr RTD cans. Not only do they look great with a bold and colourful, eye catching design, but the two great tasting flavours mean that consumers can enjoy a bar quality gin, while on the move.”

“With bars and restaurants still navigating how to operate safely and effectively under the latest Covid-19 rules, premium RTDs can also provide on-trade outlets with an efficient way of serving quality drinks safely, without the need for glassware. In this vein, we’re also looking to support our on-trade partners as they reopen with the new Opihr RTD cans.”

Opihr Gin & Tonic cans will launch in Tesco on August 31, 2020.

The RTD market is growing at a rapid pace. Back in May, Edinburgh Gin released Raspberry Gin Fizz Cans, and just this month two new Tequila-based options joined the market: Volley and Onda.