Mezcal Amaras Introduces 2021 Artist Designed Verde Label Series

Mezcal Amaras Verde 2021 Artist Series horz

Beginning this month, Mezcal Amaras will showcase the work of a dozen artists from across the globe on their Verde bottle. The brand began showcasing works by various artists in 2016. 

“Each of the artists over the years has captured the DNA of Mezcal Verde so thoughtfully through their art,” said Luis Nino de Rivera, Mezcal Amaras Co-Founder. “We are honored to expose their talent through this special program. Showcasing these artists supports one of our core values, “No Label,” celebrating the love of life every day the sun rises. added de Rivera.  

Mezcal Amaras Verde 2021 Artist Series vert

The artists from this 2021 series are based in Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Argentina, Berlin, and Mexico. They will be celebrated in their respective cities with events to mark their label debut. “Each of the artists will incorporate their labels throughout their social media,” added Carmen Ortega Casanovas, Creative Director, Boutique-Studios, the creative agency behind this effort. These labels will be available for approximately six months.  

Casanovas manages the process for this one-of-a-kind project. Carmen and her team have taken the brand from concept to bottle by working with the brand to establish the creative identity and capture the ethos the brand wanted to convey in everything from packaging to messaging. “Our agency is deeply involved in the art scene and we are always looking to identify artists who are connected with social issues, causes and themes,” said Casanovas. “We’re excited to create a platform for their talent.”  

Highlights of these new labels include:

  • Sofia Tormenta of Argentina whose black and white ‘bleeding’ letters beg the viewer to “Rompe el Silencio (break the silence)”
  • Singer, songwriter, and producer from Mexico based in Los Angeles, Milkman, who utilizes a bright yellow smiley face on a cloud-like background
  • Chaz Bojórquez, a Chicago grafitti artist tags the label in bright green with white lettering
  • Visual artist Cecilia Beaven of Chicago is represented in a grayscale human/reptile
  • Zebu, an art duo from Berlin features a colorful bird, glass in beak
  • Scarlett Baily, a multicultural muralist based in Mexico City offers a line drawing based on Mexican tribal art
  • Sky Iraheta, a visual artist based in Seattle, WA who draws inspiration from her everyday life she strives to create surreal realities that evoke a sense of wonder within the viewer
  • César Canseco, a Mexican analog and digital illustrator whose illustrations are inspired by Mexican graphic propaganda mixed with old Japanese and French lithography.

For more information on Mezcal Amaras, head over to its official website.

In April, Mezcal Amaras, Glen Scotia, Choya Umeshu, and Demonio de Los Andes Acholado Pisco took home Best in Show awards from the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Best in Show is the highest accolade the annual competition bestows, awarding spirits under Best White Spirit, Best Whisky, Best Brandy and Best Liqueur.