Mamitas Tequila & Soda Debuts Hard Seltzer Ranger

Mamitas Tequila & Soda Debuts Hard Seltzer Ranger

Mamitas Tequila & Soda has unveiled its hard seltzer range. Made with 100% real Tequila, the canned cocktails come in four flavors: Lime, Paloma, Pineapple, and Mango. The new RTD option from the Chicago-based brand will be available across the United States via select retailers and alcohol delivery companies.

Each gluten-free, 12 oz. can has only 95 calories while still coming in at 5% ABV. Mamitas keeps a light and refreshing taste while staying authentic to iconic Tequila cocktails.

“At Phusion we’re always looking to craft innovative products that people are calling for and we’ve had our eye on the exploding tequila category for some time,” said Jaisen Freeman, Co-founder at Phusion Projects LLC. “With tequila now trending as a better for you spirit, we carefully crafted Mamitas to elevate the hard seltzer category. Mamitas complements an active lifestyle and doesn’t sacrifice taste. Creating Mamitas was a no brainer for us.”

“Mamitas is the perfect addition to the Phusion portfolio. Following our recent and successful launch of Basic Hard Seltzer, we’re continuing to build a cooler full of hard seltzers that anyone would be proud to supply their gatherings with,” added Jeff Wright, Co-founded at Phusion Projects. “The unique packaging, vibrant colors and classic tequila and soda flavors make Mamitas a standout in the category. We can’t wait to see people enjoying it this summer and beyond.”

Find Mamitas Tequila & Soda locations via the official website or order them through Drizly.

This has certainly been the year, and even more the summer, of canned cocktails. Earlier this month, Bacardi entered the ring with four mixed drinks. Absolut Vodka joined the party with six RTD options. Kahlua introduced a Nitro Cold Brew that features Rum, while Tia Maria unveiled their own Iced Coffee Frappe. Opihr released two Gin & Tonic canned cocktail options.

It wasn’t only the big names delivering new, aluminum-wrapped delights, Volley entered the game four Tequila-based RTDs and Onda launched their own sparkling Tequila canned cocktail. Those looking for something a bit harder, meanwhile, might want to give Siponey Royale a try.