Beveland Launches Suau Spanish Brandy In The United States

suau brandy

Beveland Distillers is launching Suau Brandy in the United States. The Mallorca, Spain-based brand will be imported by Stoller Imports and is available in three expressions: Suau 8, Suau 15 and Suau Orange in 20 US states, including Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin and South Carolina.

Suau 8 is bottled at 40% ABV and is made from Spanish brandy aged for eight years in Mallorca. Suau 15, meanwhile, is matured using the solera system and is bottled at 40% ABV. Suau Orange is an orange-flavoured expression made by macerating Suau 8 with different types of oranges, which give the expression its own “aromatic phase and its own identity”.

Bottled at 40% ABV, Suau Orange’s aromas are described as, “In aging transformed wood, balanced with well defined citrus notes, without irritating aromas, good balanced between all components, well integrated citrus macerations and with aromas of the distilled wine spirits oxidized in aged oak wood.” As fro taste, the brand says, “Marked sweetness, well aged spirits, all flavors well integrated with a touch of bitter orange and lemon remembers well the wine fermentation and citrus maceration.”

Beveland has been busy of late. Just last month, the Spanish distiller released a range of Venezuelan Rums, dubbed Caracas Club. The Spanish spirits company begins the line with two varieties, Caracas Club 8 Years and Caracas Club Nectar. The spirits are a mix of light and dark rums aged between eight and10 years in white oak, ex-Bourbon barrels.

Beveland Distillers has also unveiled a new bottle design for its Tres Sombreros Tequila range. The bottles, which still have their traditional wooden cap, have been made narrower to make for serving purposes. Elsewhere, a lower border embossment has also been added to the bottles, which is inspired by Aztec motifs. The label designs have been updated using a variety of earth tones to highlight the Tequila’s artisanal nature. The range includes blanco, reposado, and añejo bottlings.