Love Buzz – Fine & Rare, NYC

Love Buzz cocktail

Sweet and tart, the botanicals from the gin and the taste of rose wine are a perfect match for this amazing gin cocktail. Love Buzz is very popular with the gin drinking crowd and a wonderful sipper for spring or summer.

Located in bustling Midtown Manhattan, Fine & Rare is the place to go for delicious food and hard-to-find spirits, alongside some of New York’s best cocktails. If you’re looking to indulge in the middle of it all, this is the place to be, and you can’t go wrong with the Love Buzz:

Love buzz

  • 1 1/2 oz peach raspberry infused gin* 
  • 1/2 oz rose wine syrup**
  • 3/4 lemon juice
  • 1 oz egg white 
  • Garnish with Rose wine sugar rim

First, garnish glass by rubbing lemon on the outside of the rim and then roll in rose wine sugar rim. Take all ingredients and throw them into a shaker. Shake. Then add ice and shake again. Strain into glass.

* Wash and slice two peaches into wedges. Place the peach wedges in a jar along two cups of raspberries with gin, close the lid and give it a good shake. Keep stored in a dark, cool space. Leave to infuse for 3–4 days, shaking the jar each day. Strain the gin through a muslin cloth and bottle the gin. Enjoy chilled and drink within 1 month of making.

** Reduce cups of rosé wine for 6-8 minutes with 1.5 g dried herbs de Provence. Add 2.5 cups of honey and stir to dissolve. Remove from heat after honey dissolves. Let mix steep with the herbs for 24 hours, then strain.

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