Louis XIII Cognac Unwraps The Gift Collection

Louis XIII Cognac Gift Collection Bellota

Louis XIII has launched The Gift Collection. The collection is made up of six coffrets (boxes) each offering unique experiences, allowing clients to personalize them with their own desires and to be enchanted by the complexity and richness of each moment.

Each coffret in the Louis XIII Gift Collection invites clients to take part in a different experience, magnified by accessories in relation to the ritual or the tasting, such as bellota ham or caviar. The boxes deliver timeless treasures ready to be explored. 

The gift boxes come in Louis XIII’s signature red and are fastened with a sheath presenting the fleur-de-lys seal. As the client opens the coffret, they will reveal three separate compartments, with the largest chamber holding a classic decanter of LOUIS XIII cognac, and the top drawer holding two cognac glasses engraved with a fleur-de-lys. Both can be inscribed with a message, name or date.

Opening the lower drawer unveils a selection of gifts and accompaniments, designed in collaboration with French Houses Bernardaud, Christofle and S.T. Dupont to complement the decanter and glasses. Each gift has been imagined based on each client’s personal desire to thank or honor somebody else. There is also the opportunity to offer an invitation to discover the House of LOUIS XIII, based in Cognac, and take a journey through time with an exclusive initiation tasting. Moreover, they can add experiences such as an Opening Ceremony by a Brand Ambassador or a Louis XIII tasting in a prestigious bar, hotel or palace.

The Gift Collection by Louis XIII customizable coffrets are The Expert Set, The Cigar Set, The Caviar Set, The Bellota Bellota Set, The Serving Set and The Souvenir Set.

The Expert set comes with an engraved pipette, white gloves, and a quiz set with 10 Louis XIII secrets. The Cigar set features a fleur de lys-engraved S.T. Dupont lighter and a chrome-plated cigar cutter. The Caviar set has a fleur de lys-engraved Christofle silver-plated caviar serving set and five pearl caviar spoons.

The Bellotta Bellota set comes with a white bellota ham porcelain volcano plate with a 22-carat gold-plating fleur de lys made by Bernardaud. The Serving set has a fleur de lys-engraved silver-plated tray and coasters from Christofle. Finally, The Souvenir set comes with a fleur de lys-engraved Christofle silver photo frame and Baccarat crystal fleur de lys paperweight.

The Louis XIII Gift Collection coffrets are available in Louis XIII boutiques based in Cognac, London, Beijing, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and via the Cognac brand’s e-boutique, specifically for the United Kingdom. They are priced from €4,000 ($4,736 USD) to €10,000 ($11,840 USD), depending on the theme and experiences.