St Kilian Debuts Peated Bud Spencer – The Legend – Smoky Whisky

St Kilian Debuts Peated Bud Spencer - The Legend - Smoky Whisky

St Kilian has launched The Bud Spencer – The Legend – Smoky. The peated brother of the German distillery’s Bud Spencer – The Legend, the new Whisky will hit shelves February 28, 2021.

Like the unpeated Bud Spencer, the new smoky expression is released in batches. Made with Scottish barley malt, the smoky Bud Spencer Whisky matured over 3 years in Italian ex-Amarone and ex-Bourbon casks from the United States. It was distilled twice in original Scottish pot stills. It is bottled uncoloured and unchillfiltered at 49% ABV.

A light copper in appearance, the Germany Whisky offers spicy and smoky aromas followed by fruity wine notes. The palate delivers a clear sweetness upfront, which goes hand in hand with the dominant smoke aromas. A light caramel note is followed by spice and a pleasant dryness. The finish is full-bodied, spicy, smoky, and long-lasting.

According to Andreas Thümmler, owner and managing director of St. Kilian Distillers GmbH, there are already different ideas to fill the range between mild and smoky with further tasty drops under the Bud Spencer brand. According to Thümmler, talks with the agency BAVARIA SONOR LICENSING are already going on.

Bavaria Sonor Licensing (BSL), a division of Bavaria Media GmbH, was commissioned by the rights owner Plattfuss Vertriebs GmbH to expand the product world around Bud Spencer and Terence Hill with licensing cooperations and corresponding licensed products throughout Europe. BSL has brokered this licensing cooperation for the “Bud Spencer” brand to St. Kilian Distillers GmbH.

Ivica Maracic, Licensing & Sales Director Bavaria Sonor Licensing, said, “Bud Spencer and whisky, that is simply the perfect brand and product fit. A western without whisky in the saloon would be like Bud Spencer without pithy and diaphragm-straining sayings. We are very happy that we could win St. Kilian Distillers, a multiple award-winning Bavarian distillery, for Bud Spencer!”

St Kilian The Bud Spencer – The Legend – Smoky is priced at €49.90 ($61 USD).

Last year, St. Kilian Distillers swept the 2020 London Spirits Competition. The German spirits makers took home the awards for Whisky of the Year, Spirit of the Year, and Distillery of the Year. St. Kilian Signature Edition FOUR garnered the highest praise from critics, scoring 97 points on its way to victory.