Kilchoman Am Burach Turns “Mess” Into Delicious Scotch Whisky

Kilchoman Am Burach

Kilchoman Am Burach, the new release from the young Islay distillery, was never supposed to exist. Am Burach means “the mess” in gaelic, and while that might seem like a strange name for a limited edition single malt Whisky, the story behind its creation leaves no question that it’s a happy accident that won’t soon be replicated.

Kilchoman Am Burach is the consequence of a 2014 incident where two different Kilchoman expressions were mistakenly combined. An unnamed stillman, whilst vatting casks, accidentally mixed Machir Bay and Port Matured Kilchoman causing Islay Heads, General Manager, to describe the resulting whisky as ‘Am Bùrach’. The name stuck.

The Whisky has a somewhat complicated nine year maturation, a vatting of Bourbon and Sherry matured Kilchoman combined with Port cask matured in 2014, the whisky was then filled back in bourbon barrels for a further six years ahead a six month finish in ruby Port casks.

“Making great whisky is often about being patient. In 2014 the whisky was all over the place but given time to mellow and develop it has become a wonderfully balanced and unique Kilchoman single malt,” says Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder and Managing Director.

According to the distillery, Am Bùrach’s “character sets it apart, rich, fruity and sweet on the nose, it coats the palate with red fruits, creamy sweetness and herbaceous peat smoke on the palate before a long finish of dried fruit and citrus sweetness.”

The release will be limited to just 10,550 bottles.

Meanwhile, Kilchoman is preparing for another another “Whisky & Food Pairing Live Tasting,” which is scheduled for Thursday August 6 at 7 p.m. (11 a.m. PST). In the live tasting, the distillery will be pairing its Whiskies with west coast seafood from Gigha Halibut who are just across the water. The tasting pack for the event can be purchased via the brand’s official web store.