Nosotros Mezcal Aims To Follow In The Footsteps Of The Agave Spirits Brand’s Award-Winning Tequila

Nosotros Mezcal

Nosotros Tequila has launched Nosotros Mezcal, the newest product from the award-winning agave spirits brand.

Just three years ago, Nosotros made a name for itself with the launch of its first Tequila, winning Best Tequila and Best Silver/Gold (Unaged) Tequila as well as a Double Gold medal at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Now the brand plans on having similar success with their Mezcal.

“We didn’t want to enter the category just because there’s room in the market, explained CFO and co-founder Michael Arbanas. “We’re here to keep the integrity of a small-batch craft, while introducing innovation under the same principles that empowered our tequila in a crowded space.”

Nosotros Mezcal is made with a unique blend of Espadín and Tobalá. Espadin is the staple of their traditional, artisanal style, which they fuse with the “king of agaves,” Tobala, for its vibrant, delicate characteristics that manage to be both earthy and sweet. According to the distillery, “the combination of flavors creates a balance between apricot and citrus surrounded by an earthy campfire finish.”

Made in Oaxaca and harvested in the Sierra Sur, Nosotros Mezcal comes in at 42% ABV and will retail for $60. The spirit will ship worldwide on July 28.

You can also purchase online via Nosotros’ official web store.

As a brand, Nosotros looks to marry the pura vida lifestyle of Costa Rica with the rebel spirit of Mexico, blending them under the California sun. The name “Nosotros” (us/we in English) is derived from the experience of enjoying the better things in life with family, friends, and loved ones. Their goal is to create premium-quality agave spirits that bring people together to celebrate authentic moments and drive toward a common good.

Nosotros Tequila is available in over 600 retailers in California as well as on their official website, and will be expanding into New York and Nevada.

Nostros Mezcal And Tequilas