Glenturret Unveils New Core Whisky Range And Redesign

Glenturret Unveils New Core Whisky Range And Redesign

The Glenturret has debuted a new core Scotch Whisky range as well as a fresh design for the collection, and has discontinued its previous line. The Perthshire-based brand initially planned to launch its new range in June, but published the launch to September due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Four new Whiskies will make up the new core line: Triple Wood, 10-year-old Peat Smoked, a 12-year-old, and a 15-year-old. There will also be two limited edition Whiskies, a 25-year-old and a 30-year-old.

The Macallan’s Bob Dalgarno joined The Glenturret earlier this year and created the range. “I saw Glenturret as a great opportunity to work alongside an understated yet highly skilled team who influence the creation of the distillery new make spirit as only their hands can,” said Dalgarno. Alongside this was the challenge of creating a new range of whiskies with a different cask and character profile. Building on previous experiences and having the freedom to influence and develop, respecting the history whilst writing new chapters was a perfect fit.”

Ian Renwick, distillery manager at The Glenturret, said Dalgarno’s appointment was a “recognition of the scale of our ambition and a testament to our transformative work over the past eight months.”

The new range is the first under the distillery’s new owner, Glenturret Holding, a joint venture between luxury goods company Lalique Group and Swiss entrepreneur Hansjörg Wyss, Lalique’s second-largest shareholder. The Glenturret was previously owned by Edrington.

The new expressions come in a heavier rectangular bottle said to embody The Glenturret’s “elegance and stature”. The packaging also carries The Glenturret crest, which was inspired by the Murray family’s coat of arms, who founded the distillery and has played a key role in it over the past 250 years.

Coming in at 43% ABV, The Glenturret Triple Wood has been aged in American, Sherry, and Bourbon casks. It is priced at £47 ($61 USD). The Glenturret 10 Years Old Peat Smoked is bottled at 50% and priced at £52 ($67 USD).The 12-year-old Whisky has an ABV of 46% and is priced at £60 ($78 USD). And the 15-year-old spirit comes in at 55% ABV and is priced at £110 ($143 USD).

The new Glenturret range will be available at select hotels, restaurants, bars, and retailers across a number of markets around the globe, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Taiwan. It is also available to buy online from The Glenturret website.