F*ckboy Tears Gin Is Back, Just In Time For Valentine’ Day

Mythical Spirits F*ckboy Tears Gin Liqueur

Mythical Spirits has relaunched their iconic F*ckboy Tears Gin Liqueur. The offering from online retailer Firefox’s spirits range returns just in time for Valentine’s Day.

“When he doesn’t believe in labels, starts speaking to you after months of silence, sends you ‘you up?’ or ‘Wyd? xx’ at 2 AM, begs for nudes and says all his exes are crazy… He’s a f*ckboy,” explains the brand. “You don’t deserve that. So we made them cry, then we bottled their aching sadness.”

Bottled at 20% ABV, Mythical Spirits F*ckboy Tears Gin Liqueur is passion fruit and mango flavored. It’s recommended to be served with prosecco or tonic water and a slice of grapefruit. The brand adds, “Swirl their tears around your glass to unlock their magnificent holographic shimmer, reassured at least a few f*ckboy’s were harmed in the making of this mythical elixir.”

Just to add to the fun, the Gin Liqueur comes in a pink and clear bottle that is decorated in crying men. It also comes with a warning, “drinking too much of this may lead to rogue ex-texting. Be on your guard.” F*ckboy Tears Gin Liqueur is priced at £14.99 ($21 USD) and comes in a 200ml bottle. Unfortunately, deliveries are currently limited to the United Kingdom.

Firebox’s Mythical Tears series also includes Dragon Tears Whisky, Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum, Mermaid Tears Vodka, Pixie Tears Gin ,and Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur.

Back in December, Firebox unveiled a new full-strength expression of its Unicorn Tears Gin, along with a new bottle design. Created by in 2015, the original Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueurs are sold in retailers across the United Kingdom. The new Unicorn Tears Gin comes in two expressions, Classic and Raspberry Pink. The vegan-friendly spirits feature a variety of botanicals, including juniper berries, mandarin, almond, raspberry, coriander and pepper, plus exotic horned melon, Buddha’s hand and star fruit. Both Gins have the “shimmer” that the original releases were known for.