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Etxeko Pacharan

Etxeko pacharan

Etxeko means “Homemade” in Basque. And it’s that kind of continuous warmth that can be found inside of their Pacharan. Nonetheless, their version of the fammed sloe-flavoured, northern Spanish liqueur isn’t smothering like some families. Instead, their brew is bright and light. It has a younger quality to it that can be seen from its vibrant ruby color, and that is part of what makes Etxeko unique among its rivals in the highly competitive Pacharan sector.

Etxeko grows their sloe berries in Navarre, Spain on plantations directly controlled by the Regulatory Council of Pacharán Navarro. The sloes are macerated for approximately two months in alcohol made from beet molasses, and sugar and anise are added. The resulting mixture is filtered up to five times to remove impurities. The Etxeko Pacharan (Patxaran) is made by adding the components based on the traditional recipe of the Belasco Family. 

The result is a Pacharan with an intense red color that possesses light tones throughout. It’s brightness and clarity are characteristic of the younger style of Pacharan. On the nose, imbibers will find aromas of intense fruit along with notes of anise. It is well-balanced on the palette with flavor of sloes mixing with sweet molasses that is cut by a striking acidity and a touch of bitterness.

Like most Pacharan, it is 25 percent ABV and is generally enjoyed after a meal chilled. But if you can’t wait, we advise mixing it with a splash of Spanish Cava for a delightful and bubbly aperitif. Pacharan in general has also started to be used more and more in cocktails. We’d recommend mixing up an Otono if you’re looking for something akin to a Manhattan or a Basque Sbagliato if you like something bubbly, but with a bit more complexity than the previously mentioned spritz.