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Bibatio Pacharan

Bibatio pacharan

Bibatio Pacharan is made by soaking sloe berries (blackthorn) in top quality anisette, and adding cinnamon, vanilla or coffee beans, producing an unique and complex liqueur that is both sweet and bitter. Because of its natural composition, it is great after lunch and dinner as a digestif, or as part of cocktails.

Pacharan (sometimes referred as patxaran) is one of the most famous liquors in Spain. Popular since the Middle Ages, it is originally from Navarra (Navarre, Pamplona) and the Basque Country (San Sebastian, Bilbao, Vitoria) and has been traditionally homemade in the regions for centuries.

For decades, Bibatio has only followed the traditional Pacharan making method, keeping the fruit aging in barrels and bottles to let it transfer the full aroma to their delicious beverage.

Like most Pacharan, Bibatio is 25 percent ABV and is generally enjoyed after a meal chilled. But if you can’t wait, we advise mixing it with a splash of Spanish Cava for a delightful and bubbly aperitif. The spirit is also being used more and more in cocktails. We’d recommend mixing up an Otono if you’re looking for something akin to a Manhattan or a Basque Sbagliato if you like something bubbly, but with a bit more complexity than the previously mentioned spritz.

It can also be used as a replacement in a variety of cocktails you already mix up at home. Simply switch Pacharan in for rum to make a wonderful spin on a mojito that won’t knock you out after two. 

Besides Pacharan, Bibatio also makes a variety of wines across Spain. They have five different wineries located in Navarra, Rioja, Txakoli de Getaria, and Tierra de Castilla that create a variety of different bottles from heavy red Riojas to bright Roses, expressive Viognier blends, and slightly effervescent, very dry Txakoli.