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London’s Donovan Bar Somehow Encapsulated The Spirit Of Churchill In A Cocktail

The Winston Donovan Bar London

A larger-than-life character best known for smoking cigars, downing whisky, and saving the world from Nazis, Winston Churchill is as much lore as man at this point. It takes a brave soul to try to encapsulate that spirit in a single cocktail, but Federico Pavan, Director of Mixology at London’s Donovan Bar, embraced the challenged and delivered via The Winston.

A short after dinner drink made with Scotch, Mandarine Liqueur, eucalyptus, peppermint tea, and topped with a smoke bubble, The Winston brings together flavors from across the globe to create a cocktail that’s as powerful as it is refined.

The Winston - Donovan Bar London vertical

The Donovan Bar

Federico Pavan

Cocktail Name:
The Winston

Type of cocktail:
Short after dinner drink

Winston Churchill preferent flavor and lifestyle

What make it unique:
Unique combination of flavor as whisky and mandarine, with touch of eucalyptus and peppermint tea, finished di a smokey bubble aroma.

Why does it represent the bar?:

A combination of elegance and creativity

Ingredients and measurements:

Pour all the ingredients in the mixing glass, stir, and strain into a bespoke coupette. Than blow a smoking bubble on the top of the glass.

Bespoke Coupette

Bubble aroma

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