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Do Ferreiro Orujo de Galicia

Do Ferreiro Orujo de Galicia

Do Ferreiro Orujo de Galicia comes from some of the best albariño in Spain. It’s one of the reasons why it’s one of the area’s most beloved Orujos. In many ways, Orujo is about tradition. It comes from the tradition of using every possible aspect of the annual harvest. Do Ferreiro’s respect for tradition, crop of quality old vine grapes, and excellent terroir, make this spirit one of the finest in the region.

For those unaware, Orujo is a pomace Brandy from northern Spain that is most popular in Galicia. It is transparent with a strong kick thanks to its over 50 percent alcohol content. Its name comes from the expression “aguardiente de orujo,” “aguardiente” meaning “firewater.” Through careful distillation, winemakers began making pomace brandies from the remains of their winemaking process, and over time they have become integral parts of the local culinary traditions.

Do Ferreiro sources its Orujo from a 250 year old vineyard planted with the albariño grapes. It’s the aromas and flavors of the Spanish white white that persist through Do Ferreiro Orujo de Galicia, which retains all of the subtle aromatics of white flowers and herbs that we associate with exceptional albariño. The low yields of these incredibly old grapevines naturally limits the annual production, adding to the spirit’s mystique. It really is all about tradition with Do Ferreiro, which still double distills their pomace in an alquitara, a primitive still most often used in Spanish brandy production.

Some of the spirit is then diverted to make the regional favorite, Licor de Hierbas de Galicia (aka Orujo de Galicia). This aromatized spirit comes in at 70 proof, with anise, and savory herbs such as saffron, chamomile, and rosemary. It is probably best enjoyed in the traditional manner, as a digestif after a large meal, but it also lends itself well to various cocktails thanks to its unique flavor profile.