Pine And Sea: Umiki Is The World’s First Ocean-Fused Whisky

umiki ocean fused whisky

Umiki is the world’s first ocean fused Whisky. Just released by Yoshino Spirits, this Japanese blended Whisky is inspired by the country’s relationship with nature and the ocean. The brand’s name serves as a hint to the production process as ‘umi’ means ‘ocean’ and ‘ki’ means ‘tree’ in Japanese.

Umiki is created from a mix of ocean-side malt whiskies and grain whiskies from the rest of the world that are then blended with pure, filtered ocean water, and then finished in Japanese pine barrels. This process also makes Umiki the world’s first fully sustainable water-blended whisky and the world’s first Whisky to be aged in Japanese Pine barrels.

The mix of ocean and forest is once again found in the whisky’s flavor profile. On the nose, aromas of sea air blend with fresh floral notes. The palate features a touch of mint alongside pine, while the finishing is long and smooth with bursts of honey.

Umiki has already gathered a stellar reputation on the other side of the globe. It was awarded  Double Gold in both the China Wine & Spirits Awards 2020 and the World Spirits Award 2020.

The Osaka-based spirits company is committed to living in harmony with the environment, and their new whisky does so by honoring the trees that line the Japanese coastline as well as the country’s storied relationship with the ocean.

Yoshino produces a wide range of spirits and other alcoholic beverages, including a variety of other Whiskies, four different Gins, Mars Brandy Hoken – 16 Year Old, Sake, Wine, Japanese Rum, and Grappa. The company is working to become Japan’s leading craft spirits importer and already works with Dubai Duty Free, Lotte Duty Free and Aer Rianta International for their Kamiki whisky brand. 

The company partners with distributor Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits in select duty free outlets in the United States and the Caribbean and with Oriental-Prestige Supplies for African, Gulf and Indian subcontinent stores. Yoshino also works with Les Grand Chais de France in selected domestic and duty free markets.