Clarendelle Launches 2016 Vintage Of Bordeaux Red

Clarendelle Bordeaux Red 2016

Haut-Brion inspired Clarendelle has unveiled the 2016 vintage of its Bordeaux Red wine. The new offering embodies “the subtle balance between savoir-faire and a resolutely contemporary expression of the French art de vivre,” says the brand, and is “an authentic reflection of the Bordeaux terroir.”

The dry 2016 summer, balanced by beneficial rains at the beginning of autumn and a magnificent Indian summer with warm days and fresh nights, enabled the elaboration of colorful, fresh and fruity wines.

Clarendelle Bordeaux Red 2016

Clarendelle Bordeaux 2016 is fruity with aromas of red fruit and blackcurrant alongside floral overtones reminiscent of violet. They combine the tannic power of great vintages with a deliciously velvety texture and are smooth, powerful, and generous on the palate. Their relatively high level of acidity gives them an admirable freshness and tremendous balance, without any hardness.

Clarendelle Bordeaux 2016 can be enjoyed during an aperitif or it can be the perfect elegant partner for lunch and dinner during the coming Spring.

The Clarendelle family of wines is anchored in a century-old blending culture and benefits from the expertise and know-how of a First Growth winemaking team. The aging of Clarendelle wines happens in a brand new place, both at the cutting edge of technology and environmentally friendly. It is self-sufficient thanks to its solar panel-covered roof and far less consuming LED lighting.

“As a young man, living in London, I had neither a cellar nor a significant budget that would allow me to store and acquire classified growths from Bordeaux,” said Prince Robert de Luxembourg. “I loved the wines from this region and my tastes had been greatly influenced by my annual stays at Château Haut-Brion. I was looking for fine blended wines with some bottle age, an authentic reflection of the South West terroirs and marked by the unique originality of each vintage. They needed to be affordable and dependable while nonetheless displaying complexity, elegance and balance. This is how the Clarendelle family of wines was conceived and ultimately born.”

For more information, head over to Clarendelle’s official website.