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Tierra de Agaves and Boisset Collection share “Casa Obsidiana”

Casa Obsidiana

Two world renowned families pay tribute to the heritage of tequila making and modern Mexican design with a brand new trio of ultra-premium tequilas

On November 14th 2023, Jorge and Roberto of the renowned Beckmann Gonzalez family of Tierra de Agaves, and Jean-Charles Boisset of the prominent winemakers Boisset Collection, released Casa Obsidiana – a trio of ultra-premium tequilas in modern Mexican bottles.

Made from 100% blue Weber agave, the portfolio of tequilas comprising of a Blanco, a Repsado, and an Añejo were produced in a process overseen by Francisco Quijano, one of a handful of Master Tequileros in the world and longtime partner of the Beckmann Gonzalez family. Each of the tequilas are finished in Boisset’s wine barrels that once held Chardonnay from Burgundy, France.

“We have always been inspired by the culture of tequila and of Mexico at large, from its ancient history to its modern art,” says Jean-Charles Boisset, Proprietor of the Boisset Collection and Co-Founder of Casa Obsidiana. “We have known Jorge and Roberto and their family for more than two decades, and have always dreamt to create a tequila that united their family with ours. They bring the founding history of tequila, while we represent the heritage of wine and barrel-finishing. Together, we bring a distinctive, passionate and spiritual energy to the world of tequila that is distinctly ours and represents tradition and modernity.”

“We are thrilled to partner with the Boisset team on a spirit that infuses old world values of tequila with new world, innovative finishing methods to produce a truly one-of-a-kind authentic tequila,” says Roberto Beckmann, Co-Founder of Casa Obsidiana. “Our goal is to bring forth a tequila that embodies everything that a modern Mexico represents – art, culture, architecture, and a certain ‘modo de vivir.’ With the expertise of Francisco, Casa Obsidiana stands alone.”

Casa Obsidiana is crafted at the base of the Volcán de Tequila from estate-grown, 100% Blue Weber agave from the Beckmann Gonzales family’s estates that span multiple terroirs across thousands of acres. The agave originates from the same line of mother plants that spawned tequila over 300 years ago. After the distillation process, the tequila is aged in the French Oak fine wine barrels that once held Boisset’s Napa Valley Chardonnay – a process that imparts a flavor of smooth vanilla. Each Casa Obsidiana tequila utilizes the house’s proprietary yeast strain, which has been cultivated for 45 years.

“My life’s work as an advocate for the art of authentic tequila making and the protection of its rich history and culture is embedded into Casa Obsidiana’s tequilas,” says Quijano. “I was excited to see the development of the tequila’s tasting notes after being aged in wine barrels and found that the end result both honors the traditions of tequila making while shining a light on what modern day Mexico has to offer. It’s also exciting to bring this to life beside partners both old and new.”

The handcrafted, abstract ceramic bottles are meant to mimic and represent the process and the elements that go into making tequila, drawing inspiration from modern Mexican art. The brand pays tribute to the obsidian stone found in abundance amongst the volcanic earth where its agave plants are grown and harvested, as it has been used in Mexican culture and rituals for thousands of years.

Casa Obsidiana’s lineup of ultra-premium tequilas include:

Casa Obsidiana
Casa Obsidiana

● Casa Obsidiana Blanco: The Blanco’s bottle shape, called Coa, is inspired by the agave piña, or the core of the agave plant that is roasted and fermented to become tequila. The youngest expression of the portfolio is aged for 16 days, creating an aroma of papaya, white flowers, vanilla, and allspice with a lush mouthfeel and notes of vegetation and black pepper. (SRP $190)

● Casa Obsidiana Reposado: The bottle shape is inspired by water’s fluid movement and ability to gently shape over time, with a color reminiscent of the Blue Weber agave plants. Aged for four months, the tequila features an aroma of hazelnut, toffee, charred peppers, and stewed citrus. The palate provides notes of warm baking spices, caramel, and earthy agave. (SRP $250)

● Casa Obsidiana Añejo: An ode to Mexican cubism, the Añejo bottle’s rich red color represents the iron-rich volcanic earth of its estate agave fields. The Añejo is aged for 15 months and has an aroma of oak, coffee, clove, and candied citrus. Tasting notes include butterscotch, cinnamon, raisins, and roasted agave. (SRP $330)

Casa Obsidiana is now available online to preorder, and will soon launch in select retailers, restaurants, and cocktail lounges in California and Texas, as well as in additional markets in 2024.

To find out more about Casa Obsidiana, including where to seek out a bottle near you, visit the website.