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This Carrot Cake Cocktail From Copenhagen Will Get Everyone In The Christmas Spirit

Carrot cake cocktail

Ruby in Denmark made a delicious holiday Milk Punch that pairs perfectly with seasonal desserts.

Looking for that perfect drink to serve during Christmas dinner or after? Ruby in Copenhagen whipped up this carrot cake cocktail that pairs perfectly with everyone’s favorite winter dessert… carrot cake. Made with aquavit, dark rum, fig, and–of course–some carrot juice, this sweet and spicy pour is already a winter favorite up north. If you’re looking to add an extra sip of Scandinavian to your celebrations, give this drink a try.

We chatted with the people behind the bar at Ruby in Copenhagen to learn just how they make their Carrot Cake cocktail:

Name the cocktail.
Carrot Cake

What inspired the name? What’s this drink’s origin story?
Our Founders, Rasmus and Adeline, recently set up a distillery north of Copenhagen. The first spirit they made is an Akavit (Aquavit) called Fury, based on ginger, coconut, and lime. I thought the spice and coconut would work well in a drink based on a carrot cake, and it does.

What other drinks belong in its family?
This drink belongs in the Milk Punch category of drinks.

if you like ________ and ________ you should try this drink.
If you like Sweet Pastries/cake and winter spices you should give it a try.

What food is this cocktail best served with?
Carrot Cake for the double dose of carrot cake pleasure.


  • 450ml Raisin Fury Akvavit (if you can’t get your hands on this Danish variety, try Fylleangst, Stockholms Branneri, or the always popular Aalborg)
  • 60ml Dark rum
  • 60ml Fig leaf infused Mancino Bianco (1 fig leaf infused into 1 bottle of Bianco Vermouth for 24 hours)
  • 125ml Orange Peel and Cinnamon Syrup
  • 90ml Lemon Juice
  • 750ml Fresh Carrot Juice
  • 350ml Milk

Directions: Pour all ingredients (except milk) into the milk to allow it to curdle. Strain through a coffee filter until it runs clear. Store in a fridge and pour over a block of ice. When ready, enjoy the perfect carrot cake cocktail.