Beveland Debuts Planta Santa Mezcal

Planta Santa Mezcal

Beveland Distillers has launched its first mezcal brand, called Planta Santa. Made in Oaxaca, Mexico, Planta Santa comes in joven, reposado, and añejo varieties. It is made using a mix of espadín agave and other grown and wild agaves.

The name is inspired by the belief that the gods sent down a flash of lightning, which struck an agave plant and made a mezcal sprout, says the brand.

Planta Santa Joven is described as a young mezcal with the distinct flavor of cooked agave. Planta Santa Reposado has been matured for four months in American oak barrels, while the Añejo mezcal has been aged 12 months in American oak barrels.

In the agave spirits sector, Beveland also produces Tres Sombreros tequila, which comes in five varieties: Blanco, Reposao, Anejo, Silver, and Gold.

For more information, head over to Beveland’s official website.

In April, Beveland Distillers added Ron Relicario, a rum finished in vermouth casks, to its range. The new offering from the Spanish brand follows the March release of Cuban Rum brand Doble 9.

In a rum portfolio from Beveland Distillers which also includes the Marama Origins, Ron Jungla, Caracas Club, and Ron Relicario brands, Doble 9 adds to the caliber of a company of distinct tastes.

In November, Beveland Distillers launched Marama Origins Indonesian, a spiced Rum made with sugar cane from Indonesia. The offering is the result of the integration of two key elements of the Indonesian archipelago: sugar cane and the climate.

In August, Beveland released a range of Venezuelan Rums, dubbed Caracas Club. The Spanish spirits company begins the line with two varieties, Caracas Club 8 Years and Caracas Club Nectar.