Bardstown Bourbon Adds 10-Year-Old Plantation Rum Finish To Collaborative Series

Bardstown Plantation Rum Finish bourbon

Bardstown Bourbon has unveiled the latest edition to its acclaimed Collaborative series, Plantation Rum Finish. The synergetic collection is made up of exclusive offerings of extremely limited bourbons finished in wine, brandy, beer, and other spirits barrels.

Bardstown Plantation Rum Finish bourbon is a 10-year-old Tennessee Bourbon that has been finished for 22 months in Plantation Rum barrels. It is made using a mash bill of 84% corn, 8% rye, and 8% malted barley. The resulting whiskey offers orange peel, allspice, and cinnamon, which highlight layers of banana bread with rich caramel. On the palate, apple crisp and molasses lead to a balanced finish of fruit and spice, rounding out this luxurious, summer sipper.

Maison Ferrand-owned Plantation Rum–which will change its name soon–distills rum from across the Caribbean, as well as Peru and Fiji. The Cognac maker is known for its high quality releases that concentrate on terroir’s influence on rum’s flavor. The Bardstown Plantation Rum Finish was finished in casks that previously held the brand’s Xaymaca (Jamaican) rum.

Last year, Bardstown and Plantation worked together to release Plantation Single Cask 2021 Jamaica 1998, a 47.5% ABV rum that spent 20 years “Tropical Aging” in Bourbon casks, then an additional 2 years Continental Aging in Ferrand casks, and finally finishing for 10 months in a Bardstown Fusion Series bourbon cask.

While there is some confusion over the Bardstown Plantation Rum Finish bourbon’s ABV–it’s either 52% or 55% depending on the source–we do know that it’s priced at $159.99 and easiest to find through Bradstown’s product locator.

In April, Bardstown Bourbon Company added two new whiskeys to its Fusion and Discovery Series. The bottlings are both the 7th releases in their respective ranges and highlight complex mashbills and explore the art of modern bourbon blending.