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Barceonla’s Paradiso Is Shaking Up Cocktails At Punch Room at The London EDITION

Paradiso London

On Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September, Punch Room at The London EDITION will welcome The World’s 50 Best Bars No.1 ranked bar, Paradiso. The Barcelona-based experimental cocktail bar will be popping up at Punch Room for two nights only, offering a menu of five signature cocktails from its latest cocktail list: The Evolution.

The Evolution Negroni, Tesla, Copper, Flemming and The Cloud from the team at Paradiso will be served alongside Punch Room London’s latest menu: Lights.

The new menu is the result of the minds of Giacomo Giannotti, owner and founder of Paradiso, and his team, who worked months to put together the new concept. The Evolution menu aims to represent the growth and progress of humanity as a collective. Precisely for this reason, Giacomo and the team wanted to draw inspiration from all those discoveries and inventions that have marked the history of humankind and have been crucial to human evolution: from the discovery of fire to the newest micro technologies, going through the invention of the wheel, writing, electricity, and so on. Each cocktail is dedicated to an important element or moment in human evolution.

Check out the menu Paradiso will be serving at The London Edition below:

Paradiso London
The Cloud


Whisky, Campari, Cocco, Mancino Rosso, Amaro Lucano, Chai tea


Gin, Rum, Chamomile, Mancino Bianco, Lemon Verbena, Hierba, mate syrup, Top Perrier


Scothc Whisky, Articoke, Mancino Secco, Amaro Lucano, Rose Water, Aloe Vera


Tequila Blanco, Mancino Secco, Grapefruit, Beer, Thai Milk, Top Perrier


Mezcal, Hibiscus, Amaro Lucano, Sherry, Fino, Green Chillies

Punch Room is located at The London EDITION at 10 Berners St, London W1T 3NP in Fitzrovia. For more information or to make a reservation, head over to the official website.