Balearic Island Herbal Liqueur Basbas Arrives In The United States


Balearic Island liqueur Basbas has arrived in the United States. Beloved by Balearic Islanders since 1499, Basbas is the first premium hierbas ibicencas in North America.

Basbas is a term of endearment for hierbas ibicencas, a liqueur made from botanicals native to the Balearic Islands. First used as a remedy in the 15th century by monks living off the west coast of Spain, the monks extracted the essential oils of wild anise and other medicinal plants like citrus and sage, giving it a deep, exciting flavor profile. Now, it’s a Spanish staple, passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

Basbas pouring

Bottled at 25% ABV, the spirit comes on bright and light, with a floral essence and hint of citrus that’s met with an energetic and uplifting finish. It is well-balanced and easy to drink and perfect for enjoying at basically any time of day, whether that be before, during, after or way after dinner.

The first batch of Basbas just landed in the U.S. and is available in limited quantities online via the brand’s official website. Availability will remain restricted through Fall 2021 in anticipation of a wider launch during the holidays.

“We’re excited to bring this historically hard-to-obtain spirit to the US market,” said Paul Geller, CEO Holy Seed Beverage Co. “We’ve taken every step of this process seriously, from the hand-harvested botanicals to the time-honored recipe passed down through generations. It’s truly a blessing to share this with the world.”

Basbas is a registered trademark of Holy Seed Beverage Co.

Herbal-infused spirits continue to grow in popularity and quality in the Balearic Islands. Last year, Mallorca Distillery Palma Gin took home a Double Gold at the 2020 Berlin International Spirits Competition. In total, four gins and twelve spirits were presented with the highest award during the event. The Palma-based distillery also won “Spanish Distillery Of The Year.”