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Amaro Angeleno

Amaro Angeleno

A golden liquid dressed in an elegant wrapper that is covered with orange-colored fruits, Amaro Angeleno brings the terroir of Southern and Central California to the blossoming Amaro scene. Dozens of types of the Italian digestif are available on the market, and each speaks of the land, climate, and people where they are created. The same is to be said for Amaro Angeleno, which Ventura Spirits has cleverly dubbed, “An amaro of place.”

Terroir is at the center of the conversation when it comes to Amaro Angeleno. Local wine, hand harvested herbs from local farms, and Southern California grown oranges are used to create the liqueur.  

That California essence comes through on the nose where oak and caramel mix with hints of citrus and melon. Bitter citrus accompanies the sweetness as the amaro pours across the tongue and covers the palette, yet it never feels too viscous. It possesses a pleasant weight and electricity moves from front to back. 

It’s the lightness that makes Amaro Angeleno such a pleasant departure from classic Italian varieties. There is also an almost Borderies Cognac quality to the beverage, which has notes of toffee and nuts.

The liqueur has quickly become popular as a replacement for Aperol in a Spritz or as a replacement for Grand Marnier in a Cadillac Margarita. It also works well in a negroni alongside gin and vermouth. While it is certainly a bitter liqueur, Amaro Angeleno vinous quality lends it to replacing aperitif wines in a variety of cocktails as well. It’s also excellent on its own, served neat or on the rocks.