Alchemy Bar Valletta


Alchemy Bar approaches cocktails by looking through a historical lens, and uses that knowledge to deliver a forward-thinking drinking experience. Located down Valletta’s bar-cramped Strait Street, Alchemy creates a beverage experience that focuses on craft, presentation, and innovation.

alchemy golden dew

The bar is completely concentrated on their cocktail creations, meaning there is no food menu. Nonetheless, mixologists will bring light bites to your table that should be enjoyed with your choice of beverage. Featuring an art deco meets modern London setting, seating is available both inside and out, meaning visitors can enjoy their beverage under a string of lights during warm summer nights or slide inside come winter.

Each cocktail shows an attention to craft that starts with ingredients. Syrups, juices, and bitters are made in-house, meaning the drink crafting process starts days in advance. Each beverage is served in its own unique glassware, whether that means a black cube or a Beauty & The Beast-inspired glass and dome. This concentration on process and attention to presentation makes Alchemy Bar unique amongst the various cocktail spaces that have popped up recently around the Maltese capital.

alchemy elements

Despite all of the beauty and thought that goes into the drinks, it’s the concoctions themselves that truly shine. Alchemy delivers innovation. Those looking for something both fruity and different should steer towards the Elements, which features Cognac, Alchemy’s eucalyptus bitter, beetroot juice, and mandarin ash, or the Golden Dew (Bourbon, smoked orange, sweet potato, ginger beer). 

There are also a number of classic cocktails available on the menu that are sadly not seen on many bar lists at this point in time. From a Blood and Sand to a Boulevardier, any cocktail enthusiast will be thrilled to see the variety of old standards.

Innovative, craft conscious, and detail oriented, Alchemy Bar delivers a thoughtful cocktail experience that makes it one of Valletta’s most unique bars.

Find It Here:
93 Strait St.
Valletta, Malta